Soul Fire


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Naryecheong, a national secret agency that protects humans from disasters and misfortunes caused by evil spirits.

In attempting to recruit a successor, Naryecheong’s chief exorcist, Yoon Taehee, searches for a ‘gwijae’, someone who has the ability to see and hear ghosts.

One day, Yoon Taehee, while hiding his identity and going undercover, meets a suspicious boy at a high school in a small town in the province…

“By the way, how old are you, friend?”

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4 Reviews

May 21, 2023
Status: Completed
Hello, this is the translator. This is a very popular korean bl so I hope yall enjoy it too ^^ (minor spoilers ahead?)

First, to address the elephant in the room, this is quite a long novel so people who do not enjoy slow developments are not going to find it satisfactory. The second half is pretty action-packed but the first half is relatively slow paced and uneventful, so you're gonna have to stick out to see the fruits. You'd think you'd signed up for a simple action romance... more>> but it's actually somewhat more of a "dog blood" ahem...

The premise revolves around ML trying to find a "successor", but really just a tool for his grand plans. He meets MC, a guy from the Joseon era who's unable to die no matter what, who is extremely reluctant to open up to people. While the romance is indeed slow and not the sole focus, it's not exactly a sideline or b-plot, as in it's not really one of those novels that would have been pretty much the same without the romance.

ML is not the typical cold and powerful love interest. While he does things for his own purpose and can be occasionally detached and cold, once he falls for MC, he very earnestly chases after and flirts with him. Honestly, it's quite funny (and a little sad) to see him down bad. This memorable line might sum it up (lol) :


"Yoon Taehee hated them very much, self-help books. But today, the title of a book he was passing by caught his attention.

[You can't have that man]"


He's very devoted, vowing not to give up either MC or his original goals. On the contrary, MC is the more colder person (on the surface, but he's actually sensitive and soft inside), but not in a malicious way. He's understandably hesitant to accept ML's feelings due to various circumstances, and also confusion, having not experienced any sort of romantic feelings at all before. Because of this, the romance progress is far from smooth so yeah be warned. But his innocence is also really amusing and cute. I'd also like to note that he's also not the common helpless 'bottom' protagonist. In fact, he seems to be the more powerful of the two, having to save ML at some significant parts (just fyi the master-disciple relationship tag is not talking about the two leads).

Overall, it's very well-written, I could understand why it's so popular and well-liked. The author articulates the leads' feelings really well and of course comes through with twists and turns regarding their pasts. Speaking of, there are quite a lot of flashbacks scenes so this is not for the folks that require linear storytelling. Anyway, I recommend checking it out but be patient~. <<less
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May 30, 2023
Status: c238
An interesting one. With a very refreshing take on the supernatural.

So MC is a 200+ year old being trapped in an 18 or so year old body. He must be a worldly wise, super mature, inert fairy who has experienced everything about everything. Right?

... more>>

Wrong! And let me tell you why. Our MC a.k.a Kim Jaegyeom, due to his ability to see, hear supernatural stuff was inadvertently labelled as a weirdo by society. Yeah, talking about 200 years in the past, that is tada~~ ancient bullying. Anyhow, that led to his socially withdrawn, introverted, tsundere-like personality.

And this point is important as it leads to my second point- that is though Jaegyeom is 200+ year old, he has hardly had any experience and interactions with anyone (except his Master, which ended in tragedy and led to the MC living in seclusion while he was still a teen) so that is why it is safe to assume that he is a teenager at heart!

Like he still binges on video games, and would still (unconsciously) get excited over stickers and surprises, conversations would often get awkward for him, would bicker with a teacher on his second day of school lol

And this leads to my third point. I see people commenting on CG that he has a bad personality and is selfish when he fails to understand where the ML is coming from. And he should act his actual age for once etc etc.

That wont happen. Because the author designed his personality so. Add to this fact that he has major trust issues and a tragic past sigh.


Looks like the ML would have to do some leg work if he wants the MC as his successor. And.. *Gong roll* *Drum roll*


Looking at the tags, it is clear that Jaegyeom's Master was Yoon Taehee's - i.e the ML's- past life or something like that. That is why the plot cant escape from the clutches of angst and tragedy. So good haha


The plot at nearly 40 chapters is still at a mellow pace. This gives space for more characters' interactions i.e. Character building. I guess it will pick up pace when the questions and mysteries like the history of gwijae and the exorcists and why they had to let go of the organisation, and the reason behind the Master's 'betrayal' and how and why he made Jaegyeom turn into an immortal and the various conspirations at the court would be answered via flashbacks? Maybe.

Cant wait! So excited!. Jpg

P.S Mesan-i is cuteness overload! Like his Lord- awkward and cute haha

Edit: The chapters are shorter than your typical web novel. So people who are skeptical whether to pick Soul Fire or not, fret not. I'd say its like 350/2 i.e almost 175 Chapters. <<less
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Oct 14, 2023
Status: c81
I am loving each and every part of this book. The romance hasn't even started, not even a bit honestly but this novel is making me swoonnnn~ AND ITS TORTURE TO WAIT FOR EVERY CHAPTER NOW. Why did I started an ongoing translated novel T_T.

But MC - chefs kissssss, badassssssss, let me bow to youuuuuuuuuu.

ML - okay till now, I kinda like him. Bro got sweet mouth.

... more>> the fox guy - kiss kiss

baby ginseng - ill eat him up honestly. He is the most adorableeeeeeee in this novel and id pay to just squeeze him. <<less
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Jul 09, 2023
Status: c60
I came in excepting this story to be more on the outer conflict than in comparison to the inner, but I couldn't have asked for a better start to this novel. The author pulls the reader in with intriguing and mysterious character pasts, plot line, and angst. Throughout the novel thus far, the reader learns more about the MC, his personality, and his personality, which shines amidst conflict. If you are looking for a story which deals a lot with the inner conflict of the MC, I def recommend. If... more>> I'm totally honest, it took me a while to get into this novel, but once I became attached to the characters I couldn't drop the book; PS, a few tears will be shed if reading 😭 <<less
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