So You’re Such A Doctor Song


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Changqing has always felt that she’s incomparable to Guan Ying in every aspect. Even though she is pretty and has a good family background, this world is nothing more than a world where Princes are more attracted to Cinderellas.

Her first love that she dearly remembers in her heart for years eventually becomes Guan Ying’s current boyfriend and her fiancé is Guan Ying’s ex. He has yet to forget Guan Ying.

A business marriage brings Changqing and Song Chuyi together despite the absence of love.
In public, he is her friend’s ex and in private he is her husband who cannot be publicly–known.
At the hospital, her good friend enjoys her husband’s embrace while she can only act as though he’s a stranger.
At a gala dinner, her good friend hooks her arm around her first love’s arm shyly and she can only smile and give them her blessings.

In this marriage, Changqing thinks that all is well other than the fact that Song Chuyi doesn’t love her.
First, her husband is a doctor and he can treat all her illnesses while saving up on medical expenses.
Second, doctors love cleanliness and her husband would always ensure the cleanliness of the house.
Third, at the end of every month, her thin wallet would grow thick with cash that her husband stuffs in secretly.
Fourth, as a person who doesn’t like to exercise, she always get dragged around by her husband day and night to do some pleasurable exercise that is beneficial for the body and mind.
Fifth, she would never have to worry that she would be out of money.
There are always so many uncountable advantages that Changqing enjoys.

After the marriage, on a certain night, Changqing looks at Dr. Song gloomily. “Hubby, why are you so nice to me when you don’t even love me?”
Dr. Song continues reading his medical books and ignores her. It’s sometimes quite a headache when your wife is too stupid and daft.
Until one day, Changqing realises that there’s really no free lunch in this world…

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Yuánlái Nǐ Shì Zhèyàng De Sòng Yīshēng
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blazikens rated it
February 4, 2020
Status: --
Rating: 2.5 stars.

As for as modern romance novels go, this is probably one of the better ones out there I guess. No r*pe in the first chapters, no betrayal by a fiancé and white lotus little sister, no family hating her guts, no dead mother....

But despite not following most of the genre's main clichés, it's still remarkably dull.

The writing itself is okay, nothing amazing but not too bad either. Not all of the characters are just tropes, but I found the FL to be way too innocent, spoiled, and... more>> self-righteous - in my opinion, she acts how a white lotus should be in reality, without the two-faced scheming. Meanwhile, the ML is the typical ice-block but he's not an overbearing a**hole, he's never really that rude to the FL or treats her like the bottom of his shoe just because he's super rich and an extremely capable doctor and she's a woman. But he's lacking a... personality I guess? He just comes off as really flat, as does the FL, and the writing in general tbh.

And idk, I just find that there's no chemistry btwn them, and that the events are flowing too rapidly or too conveniently, that it's easy to predict where this story will go. In general, I found it hard to care about any of the characters tbh or to sympathize with them, which basically makes the story hollow. It's not a bad story if you're bored or new to the modern romance genre (altho.... it's not really the norm lol), but I wouldn't really recommend it. <<less
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08phamann rated it
February 28, 2020
Status: c30
No need to read the novel. You can read the chapter titles and you will know whats happening.

2 stars for having none of the typical disgusting tropes that the massively popular (and terribly written) Chinese romance novels tend to have.

  • No r*pe or kidnapping (so far).
  • ML isn't a possessive yandere jerk who will make you question if women have no rights in this novel world.
  • Good family dynamic, at least no one is trying to kill each other or scheme one another of their money/inheritance.
  • No insta love.
But that being said, this novel... more>> still came off as annoying and dull. MC is a typical good person who is just going through a rough time in her life, and I would sympathise if she wasn't so bratty. Her fathers company facing bankruptcy and she agrees to marry random guy to save it? Good for her. But then 2 chapters later she seems to forget the reason as to why she married him and acts like a brat and making trouble for him. I'm not saying that she needs to be submissive to him, but at least give him some respect and treat him well since he literally saved her family from a life of debt and prison time. But no, after they get married she just goes on her merry way, continuing to live life with her rose coloured glasses. But oh no she actually has some depth, and by depth I mean that they show some old pervert man try to harass her so he can give her more "benefits" at work. And of course our MC vehemently refused, this is sharply contrasted with another "slutty" cowoker who will sleep with old perverts to get fame. Of course this co worker is also shallow and "evil." Women here are very depth. Very character. Speaking of depth and character, our ML also seems to have none except that he is a doctor, is cool and handsome, and cares about his dog. I guess caring about his dog is a major win for him, but everything else is meh. He is meh. Also I think he is a bit of an idiot for deciding to marry such an annoying girl like the MC. Legit he could have chosen anyone, but for plot reasons he must marry MC. For plot.

I dropped this novel at c30. It wasn't bad, just really annoying with noting good and worthwhile to keep me interested. <<less
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