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“Slayers follows the adventures of teenage sorceress Lina Inverse and her companions as they journey through their world. Using powerful magic and swordsmanship they battle overreaching wizards, demons seeking to destroy the world, dark lords, and the occasional hapless gang of bandits.”


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Slayers Special (Prequel)
Dusk Howler (1)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
07/21/13 Chaos Words v15 afterword
07/21/13 Chaos Words v15c4
07/21/13 Chaos Words v15c3
07/21/13 Chaos Words v15c2
07/21/13 Chaos Words v15c1
07/04/13 Chaos Words v14 afterword
07/04/13 Chaos Words v14c4
07/01/13 Chaos Words v14c3
07/01/13 Chaos Words v14c2
07/01/13 Chaos Words v14c1
06/03/13 Chaos Words v13 afterword
06/03/13 Chaos Words v13c4
06/03/13 Chaos Words v13c3
06/03/13 Chaos Words v13c2
05/13/13 Chaos Words v13c1
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