Skynet Architect


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First set a small goal, become the world’s strongest architect!

Get the Tianwang Architectural System, reverse your life, and create miracles.

Tianwang Group has developed a new property. Hurry up and grab it! What? The foundation hasn’t been laid yet? No problem, buy it first and then figure it out. If you’re late by an hour, it’ll probably be gone.

A Dubai tycoon invites you to build the new Khalifa Tower? Sorry, please pay first, place an order, and then queue. The New Hexagram Tower in New York is still under construction.

The Sky City of Babylon, the Underwater City of Atlantis, and the ancient city of Loulan hidden in the vast desert, there are still many miraculous buildings waiting for me to build.

No time to waste, hurry up and collect votes and recommendations!

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04/14/24 RedDragon c5
04/14/24 RedDragon c4
04/14/24 RedDragon c3
04/14/24 RedDragon c2
04/14/24 RedDragon c1
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