Since I am Terminally Ill I Am Leaving My Daughter To My Husband


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Leah, died at the age of 29, leaving behind a young daughter… I thought it was, but it goes back to 2 years before her death!

She sees the terrible future of her daughter, who becomes a wicked woman and is executed by guillotine!

When she returns, she goes to visit her husband, who suddenly disappeared one day, in order to change the fate that will befall her daughter.

“Rafaella, this time I won’t make you live like that!”

But what is this?

“I’m sorry, but this is my first time seeing you today.”

Her husband suffers from amnesia and cannot remember Leah or her daughter.

Moreover, he is Duke Blumhardt, one of the five great families of the empire!

“… “No matter how much you don’t remember, do you have any questions about the daughter who suddenly appeared?”

“doesn’t exist. So is money the goal?”

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시한부라서 남편에게 딸을 좀 맡기려고요
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