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New haanhaan rated it
May 6, 2024
Status: c187
I can't continue reading it anymore, it starts quite good, interesting premise, but as the chapters goes by the simulation starts getting like the author using them to skip many good scenes, also they feel more like those audio books where the voice have no fluctuation in their voice as it's friggin flat tone.

Could be better but author choose to play it overly safe and ruins it instead.
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Drunk Moon Resident Scholar
Drunk Moon Resident Scholar rated it
April 16, 2024
Status: c118
(Note: this story has 100s of chapters translated so far.)

An okay-ish read combining the two concepts of "Life Simulation" and "Group Chat".

The life simulation is the type where he doesn't actually experience the simulation and instead gets a sort of report of what happened. These are often quite long and can be repetitive.

The group chat part is interesting because its a group of transmigrators which I haven't seen before and because its existence itself provokes interest. It's not greatly implemented though with very little in the way of... more>> conversation between members - though this may change later.

The story reads as a standard cultivation novel with life simulator interspersed with bits where the transmigrators have to work together.

Unfortunately, the main character, due to his ability, has faced very little actual struggle so far. The ability is sufficiently limited in various ways that struggle could be introduced though.

The main character is very strong but the author seems to be taking steps to allow the other transmigrators to be useful too.

There was, when I read it, a vibe of sexism to the story which was disappointing. Fortunately, this was not that blatant (from what I remember) and there are still strong female characters so it may be that this feel will go away as the story progresses.

Dropped at 118 due to dislike of plot direction and excessive filler.


Overall, I think it gets bogged down by the life simulations too much and that the main character is unlikable but it's an okay read to pass the time. Personally, I wouldn't read it again.

(Also, worth noting that the translator has split the original chapters so it can be tricky to remember where you are.) <<less
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