Shokugeki No Douluo Dalu


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“After tasting the delicacies in this small restaurant, other food becomes unfit for human consumption,” Proclaims a soul master customer as he devours a mouthwatering dish. In this extraordinary world of Douluo Continent, Qi Han unexpectedly finds himself bound to the Worldly Gourmet System. However, he arrives at a time devoid of a main storyline and unrelated to the culinary arts. Undeterred, he opens a humble eatery in the sprawling Shrek City.

In this bustling establishment, the Sect Master of Tang Sect and the Sea God Pavilion Lord sit side by side, savoring a delectable hot pot. The Ten Great Savage Beasts assume human forms and secretly visit to indulge in skewered barbecues. Even the members of the Original Clan clandestinely slip away, all in pursuit of a plate of tantalizing fried rice.

As word spreads about the extraordinary flavors emanating from this unassuming restaurant, patrons flock to experience its culinary wonders. A soul master, unable to resist the allure, takes a break from his arduous training to immerse himself in the exquisite dishes. “What’s that? You claim that I’m neglecting my cultivation because I’m too engrossed in eating all day? Nonsense! Partaking in these exceptional meals is the true path to strength!”

In this extraordinary fusion of cuisine and soul mastery, Qi Han’s restaurant becomes a haven for both food enthusiasts and soul masters alike. With each delectable bite, they discover that the food offered here transcends ordinary nourishment and becomes an integral part of their journey towards power and enlightenment.

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