Shinobanaito Yabai!


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“Hey, try saying ‘Nin-nin’!” I wanted to be a ninja, but the annoying transfer girl came to interfere! Ninjas still exist in Japan today. They protect Japan’s security from the shadows. A 16-year-old boy named Kageyama Shinobi, who dreams of becoming a ninja, is in the middle of his final exams. The content of the exam is to graduate from an ordinary high school without revealing his true identity. During the first year, Shinobi managed to live an unobtrusive school life. If he can continue the next two years well, he should graduate successfully-but then, blonde transfer student Shiromitsu Yuki keeps bothering him! And as it turns out, Yuki’s true identity is a ninja! To make matters worse, she was an escaped ninja who suddenly appeared in the Shinobi house! “From today on, can it be in this house?” That was a big deal! Will Shinobi be able to graduate from high school safely!? A modern romantic comedy that incorporates ninjas, starting now!

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I Can’t Be a Ninja, It’s Too Risky!
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
02/05/24 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1c3
02/05/24 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1c2
02/05/24 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1c1
02/05/24 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1 prologue
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