She Was Actually My Stepsister


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Akira, my stepbrother, was brought into my life as a high school student after my parents remarried. He is a beautiful boy but shy due to his complicated family environment.

I’ve always admired my brother, and I’ve always played with Akira for his sake… He loves me… we hit it off, and the distance between us draws fast!

“…Aniki, do you like me by any chance?” “Yes, of course.”

The misunderstanding between the two of us deepens. Until finally, I realized that Akira was my sister, and I was confused…

“I’d rather have the same distance between Aniki and me as before. Though, I’d rather be closer to Aniki than I am now.”

Akira’s approach from siblings to lovers has begun!

This is a love-comedy with a little sister who is too cute and carefree to be a brother!

Associated Names
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Jitsuha Gimai(Imouto) deshita. ~Saikin de Kita Giri no Otōto no Kyori-kan ga Yatara Chikai Wake ~
She Was Actually My Stepsister. ~Recently, The Sense Of Distance Between Me And My New Stepbrother Is Incredibly Close~
じつは義妹(いもうと)でした。 ~最近できた義理の弟の距離感がやたら近いわけ~
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