She Became a Villainess


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What will you do when you wake up and find that you have transmigrated into a book? And what if you have transmigrated as a villainess?

Qin Zhizhi falls down in front of the male and female leads. She hugs the big boss’ legs tightly and complains, “Yuyu, she pushed me.”

Lord Yuchen embraces her and warns everyone in the imperial capital that her body is very delicate and weak, and can be blown down by the wind!

No one can speak loudly in front of her! Nobody shall stand beside her to pollute the air she breathes!

One day, a lot of people witness how she is being bullied by a group of b*tches and they all want to go and help her. But who knows that she will suddenly put her hands on her hips and scold those b*tches? As a result, those b*tches shrink their necks and dare not to move.

When she is done, she falls to the ground and points at them. “Boohoo… Yuyu, they beat me.”

Everyone is instantly dumbstruck.

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moonless rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: --
Just another brainded chinese novel where logic and laws dosent exist. FL having the problem of forced marriage... and dosent know how to get out. Even father agrees to end the marriage. But scumbag fiance who wants engagement to get his inheritance are forcing the marriage. Elders of scumbag family are also forcing it, and mother of FL are forcing it.

Scumbag has a very known mistress and a child, their entire sircle knows about scumbags love for mistress.

And FL dosent know how to stop the marriage... like wtf?... more>> this is not historical drama from ancient times. This is modern china, and laws exist. Easy google search and I found this:

"The Marriage Law expressly prohibits coercion, 4 and allows for annulment if an individual is the victim of a forced (or "intimidated") marriage."

Thats why I call novel braindead with no logic or laws. becouse if FL didnt want to marry, then all she has to do is say NO, and no one can force her. But novel is again, brainded, no logic and no laws.

Other thing that disgust me is the sexism, typical asian sexism. The man has a mistress and a child with her, but when scumbag brings mistress to show off to entire sircle, they all make fun of FL who is the fiance. No one say sh*t about the cheating scumbag. FL is forced to marry, so she fight back by going out with hot men and taking pictures of spending time togheter. Nothing sexual or bad, just hanging out. And people starts attacking her for being "dirty". So the men can f*ck who ever they want, and how many, no body bats an eye. But when a woman "hangs out" with other men, shes a dirty hore. <<less
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Anastrisha rated it
August 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Ok, so I finish skimming the raw and I am definitely not going to wait for the translation so I'm leaving my review already.

I do not recommend this to anyone unless you just want a satire version of those Mary Sue stories in a villainess transmigrated. Even then, I must WARN you that this novel contains:

Homophobic Dialogues and Parts

... more>>

The original ML of the book became bisexual or "gay" as they put it. Upon being injected by a drug, the MC took the still half-filled injection and injected the drug on the original ML before leaving and locking the room that contains only the original ML and his two workers. And let's just say they hit it off and original ML started questioning his sexual orientation.


Home Sweet Alabama


Although MC and her ML are of similar age, she is technically adopted by ML's grandma, and thus is considered as the grandma's adopted daughter and thus ML's non-biological aunt.


Sexist Characters


There are characters that laugh at MC for being put a green hat by the original ML and being seen with men. This is I think is done intentional to highlight how harsh reality is as the author also have characters supporting the MC with her wild behavior and even bootlicking her beauty.


Overdramatic Scenes


There's a kid around 5 years old that can talk and act properly like an adult. What more other stuff?


Very Stretched Plot


I mean, just look how many chapters it has. The story kept adding arcs that are not really important to the plotline. I think that the moment you reach around 100 or before 1k how the story will go is already clear especially since before it went 1k the original ML is already considered a hidden criminal with MC and ML spending their years happily with their 2nd child.


If you can stomach these issues and really want to read a story that is more focus on MC dissing her enemies than scheming then this is for you. Just for you to get an idea how funny MC's way on words is:


Zhizhi sneered. "God has spread wisdom to the world, but you are the only one holding an umbrella. What a f*cking idiot!"


BTW regarding the real ML. The ML also has a child, but if it's bothering you, don't worry as:


It's really MC's biological child, I forgot the details but it seems she keep switching with the original owner regardless of timeline.


I wanted to drop it by ch 100 but wanted to see how it end. So there you go, discern if you want to read it with that information. ^^ <<less
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Avrohom rated it
January 31, 2023
Status: c96
It's brutally s*upid and crude, a sharp satire on C-novels of that kind about marriages to the ice cold billionnaire presidents, rotten children of wealthy Chinese families, drugs and r*pe unlimited, etc. Yet the FL with her backstory is so badass, she is strangely attractive and made me curious about what's next. It's a pity that the translator stopped translating.
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Rhea77 rated it
November 6, 2022
Status: c45
The translation is 4/5

The story is just the same old, my fiance cheated on me so I will take revenge by marrying his uncle (here it's the nephew). I honestly just stayed for the colourful was she scolds people, not many FLs have this tongue.

Anyway I was able to bear the cringe until 40 chapters, I'll read it later when I remember it again
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