She And I Are In A 10,000/hour Relationship


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Attracted by the high pay and benefits, she accepts a part-time job as her schoolmate’s personal maid!?

Seiou Academy, a private, prestigious girls’ school that boasts excellent results in all fields. Nishiki Kanata was admitted as a special student to this prestigious school, but due to repeated unexcused absences and poor behavior, her special student status was revoked in her second year. When she was thinking of dropping out of the academy because she could no longer afford the tuition, one of the regulars at her part-time job introduced her to a job with unbeatable benefits. The job was to be an attendant for a conglomerate’s daughter…

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Kanojo to Watashi ha Jikyuu Ichiman-en no Kankei desu
She And I Are In A 10,000Yen/hour Relationship
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