Shadow Emperor


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An ominous child born on Shadow Day.

A mad prince who wields his sword against the emperor while keeping his younger brother in line. 

Ezelle, who had cloaked herself in a man’s shell, caught his eye.

“Your Majesty, the person I vowed my loyalty to is not you.”

As those blue eyes deeper than the abyss headed towards Leonard, the unbreakable Ezelle stimulated his desire to possess her.
“Isn’t your vow pointless? You’re now in my hands. I can have it whenever I want.”

The fascination for the rebellious woman ignited Leonard. His obsession with unquenchable thirst began to writhe.

“For as long as you are still breathing, I have no intention of letting you go.”

Leonard has no intention to give up Ezelle. Then there’s only one way, make her surrender.

“There are two choices you can pick. Be loyal to me. Dedicate your whole self to me. But if you can’t do those, then die.”

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그림자 황제
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