Sentimental General


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She is the world-famous Forge Master and her reputation has spread throughout the continent. Damaged swords and blunt swords can be brought back alive with her skillful hands.

With admiration for her skills, many people came to seek her service to repair their weapons but as her reputation grew, troubles followed.

Take that man, for instance…….that stinky man who is known as the “Fierce General’.

She just did not want to suffer and travel so far to the Desert of Death to help him repair weapons and this crazy man sent someone to hunt her down for a year. Not only she could not do business, she also had to go into hiding and wander from place to place until one day, she was finally captured by his elite guards.

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10/28/18 CatMeme6 c20 (end)
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dona rated it
June 17, 2019
Status: c15
What a waste of potential! This could have been an amazing romance story about a fierce general and a famous swordsmith which is really rare in Cnovels. The beginning of the first chapter had such a powerful build-up and you just couldn´t wait to read what strong characters MC and ML would be! Instead? MC´s childishness and her constant immature tantrums was like a cold splash of water in my face.

Presumably she had such high talents that she was sought after by many people yet was a duckling adolescent with... more>> no brain, what trash characterisation is this?? And naturally the author had to make her into a virgin mary with no clue about the world so she would be a good match with our oh so handsome and dominant ML.

The moment I knew this would be a waste was during their first interaction. Instead of taking the woman seriously, he labels her as an untamed kitten and immediately starts fantasising about taking her.

And I can´t say enough how annoyed I was every time the word "kitten" was used. <<less
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sithkazar rated it
November 2, 2018
Status: c20
Its a short and sweet romance. There is a little bit of Stockholm syndrome going on, but nothing violent or forceful (more on the level of Beauty and the Beast). Their relationship develops rather quickly, but that is to be expected from such a short series. It was just a nice, simple, and enjoyable story.

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Thaloe rated it
October 31, 2018
Status: c20
I enjoyed this short novel very much. The translation was excellent, enabling me to have a smooth reading experience so my gratitude goes to the translator.

Now to the story, it's about a forge master who gets abducted by an overbearing general who needs her to fix his sword. Their interaction in the beginning is quite hostile, especially the MC since she doesn't want to fix his sword. But the ML slowly develops feelings towards the MC and vice versa, and this development is quite cute and fluffy with a light... more>> portion of smut :)

Its quite an easy read, there's the climax of the story which gets resolved quickly. Maybe too quickly. My only gripe is that the ending is quite hasty..... <<less
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aovel rated it
January 21, 2019
Status: c20
For a short story this was good. This is the type of story you read when you have free time in between chores or classes. Personally, I would have wanted to read more of her talent as a forge master or his as a warrior. But since this is a short story it's good that the author just focused on their relationship. It could have been longer, there were alleys that could have been explored since the setting was very good. But all in all my experience with this story... more>> was quite good so I might read it again when I'm in need of something light and short to fill the time.",) <<less
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seawaterwitch rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: c20
If you love reading fluffy romance. You can read these.

I love reading Barbara Cartland's Novel so I love full sweet story in the novel that can give you diabetes 😄.

Don't give less star just because you don't like it. Just because it is not your cup of tea.

... more>> Sometime I read novel that given bad stars and it turns up the novel actually is good.

So read it at chapter 1. If you don't like it just walk away. Please don't give bad reviews. Not everyone has the same taste like you.

Thank you.


Other Reader who love Romance so much <<less
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