Sekai ga Death Game ni Natta no de Tanoshii desu


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Is it considered murder if one were to kill a corpse that has revived? Would it be a crime?

The dead have reanimated and are now hunting them. This is the fiction like zombie scenario that the protagonist has encountered.

For the sake of survival they must kill the people who have became zombies. From inside his head, the protagonist hears『tatata-tah』.

From somewhere, a sound could be heard. He leveled up.

Eh? Level-up?

Zombies or not, this game like world is fun. He decides to continue……

For the sake of surviving, the people that have become zombies must be killed. He must decide who to revive and who to kill. From among the dead, he will select the ones to be used. And thus, they had begun to believed that the existences of their loved ones had truly changed.

In this alternate universe the thoughts of varies people being to stir.

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Because the world became a death game, it's fun.
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ampersand rated it
December 1, 2015
Status: --
If you got hooked by the synopsis, don't bother. This is a Hikkikimori's fantasy wank tale with the usual MC not being able to kill ANY females at all, eventhough they're trying to kill him. Don't care if they're a zombie, or mutated being, or a spawn of satan. Nope, no killing. Males on the other hand, deserve to die cruel deaths 'cause they have dangly bits between their legs. Also, as usual, the MC has the 'bestest powwwwaaahhhh eeeevvvvaaaaah!!' that helps him to overcome every single bad situation. Seriously,... more>> his power is god-like. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
February 18, 2016
Status: --
To early to decide but since the author is putting a thin line between ecchi and hentai

I can say it well get worse if the author well force to remain neutral and make the MC stay as it is.. (the cowards type who don't explore)

I have read novel with similar genre what made them unique is how the MC approach things.. just showing an ecchi scene made the reader want to drop this novel on spot
As of Chapter 18
... more>>

MC is collecting undead beautiful girls at his special room (1 of MC skill where MC can choose a place as his room and inside MC is like a god)

The Worst part is MC is acting as a retired virgin who is" just look and no touch principle"

Under normal circumstance this should be good in typical harem or vanilla type novel but for crying out loud this is end of the world zombie type of novel

Who is sane enough to see beautiful undead girl naked and well just nod and say "o look they are beautiful" I was like just have s*x with them already!...

His Bias view of the world is ok in Kill the men and spare the woman but in the end MC just became another hypocrite because of this a living person died..


I well read it just for the sake of reading but don't expect to much out of it
I myself can only give it a passing score of 1 (or might be no score at all since its not worthed) <<less
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Grim Lord
Grim Lord rated it
August 9, 2019
Status: c31
Edit (the personality of MC will become clear in c32 it about MC childhood and after read it you will get why he doesn't kill girls or why he choose HIKIKOMORI)

How to found c32 ? Easy, here you go

https://duwarufutranslations. wordpress. com/dgfw/c32/

... more>>

Well I get what you all mean.

but I love the novel as it is. what I about to say may look like a justification for the novel so if anyone went to rebuke my feel free to do so.

First class what do we know about it?

Class gave skills and stats
Class can change when it reach level 5
Class can level up and there is 2 possiblity
(1) the level and class each level up alone like death mage the race with both jobs (human) and rank (monster). And I don't believe so
(2) the class level up when the level increase certainly number and the number depends on the class. for easily I will name them as Normal & Red & Silver
Normal like ORDINARY PERSON I think it needs 5 levels
Rad I think it needs 10 levels
Silver I think it needs 15 levels

I will discuss the class that was open for MC

melee-attack-class WARRIOR and MARTIAL ARTIST, clear for their skill they are the so call tank and damage dealer that are useful and all but they are super common normal rate and it not like you can't use weapon without them nor you will suddenly be able to do so. so I believe MC decided to leave it until he get a higher rate tank and damage dealer

Spellcaster-class WIZARD and HEALER the two are incredibly useful and powerful ever as normal rate. I mean the enemy bascal debate on poison and they are slow so the safeties way to kill them is from distance and as antidote cost 100 P. Which about 10 undead worth. they the most useful and powerful and ever economic but as common known they turn into useless garbage when mp reach zero and they need protection specially in early stage. So they are useless for the MC as he fight alone.
*note* maybe he in the future will get spellcaster-melee-attack-class (like magic swordhikikomori the ultra strongest fighter in his room) .

non-fight-class TRAVELER & PERFORMER (ARTIST) & ENGINEER they are useful and all. but they aren't the first class I would want as I perfect a class that prove some protection.

Final HIKIKOMORI well let's speak about it disadvantage

It's decreas party match every stats and if it by percent then it for sure landmine specially for high level characters but well MC was still low level so it doesn't have this much of dangerous and he had skill PRODIGY CHILD which increase the stats when level up and as commonly known when low level you level up easily and fast so as he stay carefully there should be no problems.

It's advantage

Well if you ask me what the most important thing in survival game then I will answer by say a save zone.
Well I mean food and water are important and all but without a save place to put them in then it's meanless as you can't carry a lot alone also without save place to stay and sleep you will have to be alarm all time.
that all may be not problem in the beginning and for pro but for beginner THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE in long run. (Those who don't ever know that don't ever bother read survival novel)

So Why do MC choice hikikomori class?

I believe it's because it's skill ULTRA BRAGGART completely control everything on his room which make his room the most save place in the world the so call save zone. Also he can recover the less in stats slow but surely way. And finally hikikomori did look like rad rate. I mean ever normally you rarely see them and I believe choose the strongest (rarest) class was common sense.

So after slow thinking it is the best possible class.

As for those who have a problem with lottery then you have a problem with Japanese herself

I mean nearly every novel with system I read have lottery like things like (A Demon Lord's Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss) & (Lazy Dungeon Master) & (I've Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can't Seem to Get out of Being Jobless) & (The World Is Overflowing with Monster, I'm Taking a Liking to This Life) & (The Ability to Make Town!? ~Let's Make a Japanese Town in Different World~).

About the weapon being op that because each lottery cost 1000 P. around 100 undead. put in consider that MC has no way of killing this number ever if he kill ever undead he meet. as he doesn't meet that number and the number of undead he need to kill to pay the 10+1free is around 1000 which is about more then double who in the school and more and it's not like every one was winning he only win 3 useful weapon which is considerable lucky, the other are sticks & resources to make weapons.
the sticks are bascal useless and the resources can't be used any time near.
than yap it's logical.
The only reason why he could offer to do so was because he managed to found bank note (which was originally for the school) and he steal... ahem I mean borrow it.

For these who have a problem with MC not kill ANY females. Than my answer is THAT IS NORMAL.

I mean don't tell me you haven't read before a story was MC can't deal with female or hit them, it not ever that uncommon in our normal life to begin with. And it's not he doesn't want to kill female it's he can't do so.
As those undead unlike common zombies they still can be saved and there is a clear way to do so. So kill them is still consider marder. And I will ask you to choose between marder and capture someone in his place what will you choose.

the right answer is marder but to do so you have to be really really COLD BLOOD MARDERER.

But however he still has to kill..... to marder someone so he can grow and be came stronger so that he can survival. So he create for himself rules that ensure he won't kill more than necessary.
And choose to not kill female undead so he can lie to himself say that he save the girls.
(ever known he himself know he is lying)

So over all he doesn't kill female not because they are Beautiful nor to do s*xy thing..... Ahem I mean play with them. it's to save his psychological (his sane) as himself as a normal student. because he is cold blood NORMAL STUDENT not cold blood MARDERER.

That's why if I were him would have done the same or die because I fail in doing so and only if I was lucky enough to give it up before I die than maybe I will begin to kill them
*note* (every know I believe myself to be S who love to see people suffer specially after read Dungeon Defense)

For these who have a problem with the thin line between ecchi and hentai that author has put.

Well if you want to know reason than I can think of 3

(1) well because he is healthy boy. I mean party much ever male has for once dream to be served by girls in maid-uniform and call him MASTER *note* (or it's only me)
(ever known I was the one who say that I don't acknowledge this reason)

(2) he do it supconsciousness. as it's commonly for soldiers and those who live with their lives on the line to tend to entertainment (most common food and s*x). *note* (it's a sad true that I don't acknowledge) as it's became their motivation to fight and help them release stress.
But because he still consciousness and hasn't gave up to instinct he don't cross the line or at least try to do so.
(this is the logical reason though I don't believe the author do Intended to do so)

(3) it's for customer-service (ecchi).
I mean I love how he knows where the line between ecchi and hentai. How he keeps playing near line without cross it. How he make you believe he will cross the line then fall back Immediately specially in C18. Honest speak I am a big fan of ecchi but that of hentai. I'm of faction YAS ECCHI, NO HENTAI. Those pervert..... Ahem I mean gentleman who have problem with that should just go to HELL.... Ahem I mean drow the novel without leave un-well-thinking comments. They should go and read (A World Where All Women Are Managed by Men). *ULTRA IMPORTANT NOTE* (do not recommend this novel to anyone unless you really hate him. Ever known I believe myself to be S who love to see people suffer and cold blood person I couldn't go bow C5 THIS IS SAMPLE IMPOSSIBLE)

Thanks for reading this far. English is not my first language so I'm sorry if there is something wrong with wrote. I tried to make spoiling to minimum but I don't believe I was succeed and I am very sorry for all those who I have spoiled novel for them.

And I want you the Translater, editor & the others to know that this is my very first comment in novel, manga or ever anime. I usually don't leave comments just read them and I sign up in updatenovel for only put this comments. I really love this novel and I grateful for your hard work and I want you to continue the novel.

I will always encourage you <<less
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Bro-Shield rated it
August 4, 2016
Status: c21
I love survival and game elements novels, but this is... hikikomori class? Really...

Ohh you can win item in a lottery ?Ohh all items that I won are op...

PS: The MC can't kill "zombie girls" cuz they are beautiful, so he just use his cheat to made them obedient. He is a pervert but remember this is a jp novel so the MC is dense.
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Tembulon rated it
February 10, 2016
Status: --
It starts out ok. Then turns out into a silly personal fantasy with forced emotional situations.
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TaoTie rated it
June 1, 2016
Status: --
Im a big fan of game element and survival stories so this could have the basics of a good novel, but that is yet to be seen, so far its walking the line, the evolution of strength and good plot setup give it potential; however the other reviewers are right it seems like this novel might not see fruition of its true potential as the MC seems to be an author's fantasy character existing mostly to justify the writer's ridiculous and Naive ideals of hypocritically never attacking women even if... more>> they are zombies trying to kill him while using his absurd "hikikomori" powers to sexually perv out on the collected reanimated corpses of the same "women" who he refuses to fight - It seems as if the author incorrectly imaginines that his fantasy avatar is filling some chivalrous ideal by never fighting women while sexually puppeteering their bodies. Also why is Hikikomori a class? With the power of arrogance? I mean that's fun and new but the way the author plays it it seems more like the writer just wanted to justify his own shut in lifestyle. Regardless of its faults its never good to write off something with poetential too early, waiting to see how this novel grows as it advances. <<less
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