Scattered Over Velvet


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“Do you want something?”

“Huu, heut… A little bit faster….”

Biting her lip, Belviana swallowed her words. Even after losing everything, her pride was all she had left. The shame of pleading with a man’s member in her lower mouth, a body pledged to modesty, brought tears to her eyes. Aiden tenderly arranged the strands of hair clinging to her thinly-sweated face.

“You have to tell me exactly what you want.”

His voice, whispering in her ear, was sorrowfully sweet. She felt like she would die if she didn’t relieve herself right now. Yet, she could not easily voice her vulgar request. Her cheeks were flushed with red as she bit her lip, whispering out.

“…a bit faster, please, move…”

“Like this?”

“Ah… a little more…”

“You still need more?”

“A bit… more… Ah, ah! Yes, ah! Ah! Ah!”

With each thrust, his rhythm quickened. His member, rubbing against her swollen inner walls, tightened around him with each powerful push. It was an endless feast of pleasure. Her brain flashed white as if ablaze. As he picked up pace, she was pounded almost to the point of fainting. As her teeth clenched, Aiden bit her red lips from behind, biting down on her lips. Drool slipped out from between her half-opened lips. Her muffled moans and the wet friction from their joined bodies echoed obscenely against the high ceiling.

‘Ah, ah, ah! Ah, ah, ah, ah!’

After taking him several times, her wet walls shone as they stretched to their limit. As Belviana carefully tried not to bite him, she softly closed her lips.

There was an old rumor.

That the young lady of a noble family had been blackmailed and yielded her body to her own servant on several occasions.

A very old, thus forgotten by many, rumor.

The southern social circles were busy dealing with the ever-emerging gossip, and over time, the leading families of the society also changed several times. That incident was occasionally mentioned in hushed whispers and gossip, but at some point, it was forgotten in people’s minds.

But that rumor was the beginning of all this.

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벨벳 위로 흐드러진
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