Savage Witch


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A human man, Royen, who was seriously injured, arrives on horseback at the doorstep of D’Espagnet, a witch known for her unpleasant temperament despite her beautiful appearance.

D’Espagnet hated humans and wanted to treat his wounds and then get rid of him, but she ended up living with him until spring came because the forest was closed for the winter. However, as the days went by, D’Espagnet found that living with Royen wasn’t so bad.

Will she be able to let go of this man when the winter forest opens?


“Haa. Enough now.”

D’Espagnet pushed his shoulder as if she was annoyed.

“Just one more time, please.”

He pleaded, swaying his waist slowly.

“Do you know how many times you’ve said that?”

“Please, I beg you.”

He wasn’t even aware of the sound he was making now.

“Then make it quick.”

As soon as permission was granted, he thrust his waist sharply and lunged for the witch’s weak spot he’d discovered over the past few days.

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나쁜 마녀
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04/16/24 En c1 part1
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