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In the midst of a resignation dilemma within a major corporation, newcomer Lee Seodan encounters a pressing situation. The leader of a swiftly assembled project team unexpectedly offers an enticing proposition, leaving Lee Seodan torn between grasping at a potentially risky opportunity or letting it slip away.

For three months, transitioning from winter to spring, the routine involves weekdays spent at the office and weekends residing in a hotel, all centered around a daunting confrontation with a man. This individual, a source of both fear and unpredictability, serves as both ailment and remedy. Feeling at the mercy of this person, Lee Seodan has an abrupt realization. What used to be clear distinctions have now become muddled, with inexplicable aspects creeping into the relationship that were never part of the contractual obligations or agreed compensation.

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토요일의 주인님
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2 Reviews

New Elyu
Jun 17, 2024
Status: --
At this point it just feels like a smut more than anything else, so I actually prefer manhwa version here...I kinda hoped that in the novel version, there'll be at least some sort of communication between them, but nah. And I am no preacher of "pure bd*m" but even I feel like it's too much here... zero communication, zero agreement or talk of boundaries... just nothing. And the Dom/S knows very well that the other one knows absolute nothing about all this and doesn't even bother to explain? And what... more>> the actual F was that "I didn't think we needed a safe word because I deem everything I do to you safe " and I might or might not stop when you use your safe word ???... that part there made me gag a bit. For agreed upon period of time, dom is responsible for sub's well being even life in some instances. Yeah it's also sub's responsibility to communicate their boundaries etc... but ultimately the lack of communication both ways is astonishing here. Yeah Han Juwon said he had " particular tastes" or whatever beforehand, but that can mean literally anything, for someone is out of the ordinary even doing it on the kitchen table instead of bedroom... He didn't mention anything about bd*m, he did not inquire about any type of limits, he did not explain the parameters of their play properly, nor did he establish safe word/gesture before the session, he did not explain the "rules" to be followed, and honestly sometimes what he called "punishment" wasn't really a punishment since there were instances wwhere no rules applied. Yeah later he explained he has a personal need to inflict pain to Seodan sometimes, but well I would wana know beforehand if my partner has sadistic tendencies, not after month and a half for crying out.

Honestly I was very disappointed, the relationship was nothing to be envious about, the bd*m part was unhealthily represented and the smut was falling a bit short due to the translation (I am sorry to say this).... <<less
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Jun 01, 2024
Status: c52

Definitely a recommended read and can't wait for the manhwa to finish!

I'm mostly done with the main story and it's a good novel so far, both main characters can be quite frustrating as neither know how to communicate, but that is one of the main points of the story and of their character development. Seodan is a sensitive character, and given his past experiences and trauma, it's completely understandable. The reader may become especially frustrated with his lack of communication which leads to plenty of seemingly easily resolvable misunderstandings and... more>> situations, but as the story progresses and he begins to explore both himself and a world outside of what he's used to, he becomes a lot more confident and sure in himself and what he wants. Han Juwon is similar in the sense that he lacks adequate communication skills in his relationships, doesn't realise that Seodan isn't on the same page as him, and assumes that Seodan is just playing along in his own way (this is important as a lot will misinterpret it as him being a bad 'dom' and being completely apathetic to Seodan's clear trauma. He's not great, but it needs to be noted that this story isn't meant to be an accurate depiction of real life or BD*M lifestyles, as is clearly mentioned). I'm trying not to state anything other than the obvious so as to not ruin the plot, but I'd definitely recommend giving this a read, especially if you've started the manhwa and can't wait for the next chapter. I definitely think reading both is the best way to go though!~ <<less
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