Sasaki And Miyano: First Year Students


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Miyano, a fudanshi, is on the Disciplinary Committee and is a first-year high school student. Furthermore, there seems to be really unique people around him ……?

This novel is a collection of one-shots about the characters in their first year, told in a non-chronological order.

In addition to a novel depicting the daily lives of high school boys, a manga drawn by Sho Harusono himself is included.

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ノベル 佐々木と宮野 1年生
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09/26/21 Foxaholic c3
09/11/21 Foxaholic c2 part2
08/29/21 Foxaholic c2 part1
08/21/21 Foxaholic c1 part3
08/10/21 Foxaholic c1 part2
08/01/21 humu c1 part1
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