Saitama Dungeon


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The Everyday Extraordinary Dungeon Life of the Hero Returned from Another World.

The protagonist, Ichiro Hasegawa, after a journey of ten years of arduous battles in the summoned world, finally defeated the Demon King. The moment he thought so, he returned to his original world, namely modern-day Japan. Ichiro returned to the exact moment and place of his summoning. Furthermore, except for his muscular body, Ichiro himself had returned to his appearance before the summoning. However, in the Japan Ichiro returned to, dungeons inexplicably existed as if they were a natural part of the landscape! Is this really Japan?

Note: This story is a work of fiction. It does not necessarily adhere to real legal regulations. Additionally, the characters, organizations, names, country names, etc., appearing in the story are fictitious and have no relation to real entities whatsoever.

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02/12/24 Zetro Translation c6
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