Saeki-san to, Hitotsu Yane no Shita: I’ll have Sherbet!


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Entering 2nd year of high school, Yumizuki moved to apartment because 2 hours commuting from home was tiring. However when he and the delivery company reached the apartment, another tenant already started to move to the apartment he supposed to stay. A beautiful girl who just returned from America, Saeki Kirika. Because of their personal circumstances none could concede, and then Saeki propose to share the apartment…

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佐伯さんと、ひとつ屋根の下 I'll have Sherbet!
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    blahblah123 rated it
    June 12, 2021
    Status: c72
    The relationship drama in this makes absolutely so sense and it's shallow even by romance WN standards. The MC broke up with his GF after 3 months (which he obviously didn't, or he did but it was for his GF's benefit) and now everyone in the school distrusts/hates him and spreads rumors? Lol. Also the MC is edgy and uncommunicative for literally no reason. He could fix his situation in a few words, and I assume his ex-GF could as well. The writing is super lazy. Also he has almost... more>> no personality traits, and the FMC is aggressively into him for seemingly no reason.


    Later on in the story there's some incredibly s*upid drama that made me drop the WN. The FMC goes back to her parents, completely ignores the MC, and starts hanging around another guy 24/7. Her explanation for why she did this is because she was embarrassed to be around a male friend, essentially. This went on for weeks and the only reason things went back to normal is because the MC talked to the guy and the guy said he would give her back. MC wasn't even mad at her, sh*t is too dumb for my tastes. Poorly written drama for the sake of it is unnecessary,

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