Royal Gold Magistrate


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Fang Zheng transmigrated to the Great Jing Dynasty, becoming a lowly county magistrate.

Whoosh! He spent seven years crafting his own secluded paradise, intending to be an earthly emperor and live free and easy for life.

In the 13th year of Jinghe, the Jing Emperor toured incognito and accidentally stumbled into Taoyuan County…

Boom! Upon entering, His Majesty was utterly shocked!

All kinds of novel things dazzled the eyes.

“What in the world is a ‘toilet’? So convenient! Hiss… you actually use paper…??”

“This mirror is also a heavenly object?”

“And this…”


Before long, the Emperor returned to Taoyuan with the Crown Prince in tow.

Watch how this little magistrate plays the imperial court like a fiddle, marrying a princess and rising to the pinnacle of power!

An alternate history tale, drawing from various dynasties. Hope everyone enjoys the ride!

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New azuron rated it
May 17, 2024
Status: c27
Binged the first few chapters and finally forced myself to come here and leave a review. Pretty sure after waking up tomorrow, I am gonna resume binging this.

It's a pretty great novel with fast pacing, good character building and growth, and pretty decent world building. The writing and translation both are great.

The story kicks off at the point where our MC, a transmigrator who has succeeded in subverting the disaster facing his territory and makes a turnaround with his modern knowledge. He then slowly starts getting involved in the country's... more>> affairs.

It's a pretty fresh take because normally this is either done through a female MC and slides into romance drama routes, or through a male MC that degenerates into harem route. So far, this is neither. It's a fresh take and skips unnecessary exposition texts or fillers.

Excellent, engaging and entertaining. Will recommend 9.8/10 <<less
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New blakraven66 rated it
May 8, 2024
Status: c292
Doesn't really break new ground for it's genre.

Despite that, what I like about it (at least so far) is that the MC is not that much of a Mary Sue compared to it's contemporaries in that he's the best at everything. He doesn't have Encyclopedic recall. And while modern knowledge gives him an early advantage, what he introduces eventually inspires other characters to go on and be better than him in different fields.

... more>>

A politician he used to blackmail eventually surpasses him in entertainment and music, even creating an orchestra.

The Prince is starting to get interested in Germ Theory.

One of his subordinates is a polylinguist.

His bodyguard is a walking armory and s*x god.

The current antagonist suspected to be another timetraveller is actually just a scientific mad genius who can make accurate scientific theories just based on little clues.

Invented his own telescope, theorized the world was round, and discovered the theory of gravity.

They have made MC slightly insecure about what people would remember him by in the future because everyone else was taking his planned achievements.


The only thing MC is good at better than everyone else is unscrupulous business practices. <<less
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