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“If you have money, you’re count as my junior. If you have gold, you’re count as my big bro. So, what does a ‘curse’ count as!?”

Rolenxo, the young man who have been cursed into a cute young lady ‘Roxenia’. Knowing the Serella’s institution have the Tree of Luna which can cure any curse, he planned on disguising as a planter. “Well, if not now then when!?” Everything should have gone smoothly if I have not encounter those weirdos that keeps on coming! Plus, why do I have to deal with the dragon’s of the opposite institution!? Will it be my success or failure!?

“Mom… I have become a woman..” His mother unexpectedly gently smiled, “Don’t you have always been a girl..? Roxenia.” What about my name ‘Rolenxo’!?

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kawaii12345 rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: v1c3
Translation 2/5

Writing 2/5

Plot 1/5

Characters 2/5

TLDR just not very readable

Reads like it wants to be a bad take on an old comedy. Setup is violent guy gets cursed into pretty woman. Becomes violent woman insisting she's a guy. Acts like Mickey Rooney tough guy mode in a dress. Comedy fails
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