Rise of the Othergod Apostle: Not a Cult Leader, but a Serf?!


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Ah, why did I waste my life on this game? Why didn’t I actually quit when I kept saying I would, day after day, because the game was so frustrating? Is this my punishment for playing it?

Become the leader of a cult religion that has garnered a cult following!

I was a veteran player of [Conclude: Rise of the Othergod Apostle]. I quit because I was fed up with other players, but I still had lingering regrets for [Hapenesus] a God I couldn’t clear no matter what.

Then, an update notification for [Conclude] popped up. Hoping this might be my chance to finally clear [Hapenesus], I logged back in.

Hapenesus: My evangelist.

Hapenesus: You are the first of your kind.

SYSTEM: ‘Hapenesus’ grants you a hidden trait.

SYSTEM: Amazing achievement! You have charmed an ‘Othergod’ with just a conversation!

My excitement about possibly being the first to clear ‘Hapenesus’ was short-lived.

Mother Aelusia: My beloved child.

Mother Aelusia: No matter who you choose, I will find you.

Mother Aelusia: And I will be with you.

“No, what is this? Why is it suddenly turning into a horror story?”

SYSTEM: “Mother Aelusia’ is forcibly summoning you to the Dark Realm.

…And just like that, I found myself pulled into a game where I was supposed to be a leader of a cult religion. But surprisingly, the biggest problem wasn’t that I was going to become a cult leader.

Happy War Evangelist (???): Serf

“Wait, I’m… a serf?”

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I played a god game, became a god, god damn!
갓겜하다 갓됨 갓뎀!
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New Dg2 rated it
May 28, 2024
Status: c87
3 Stars - Story is a bit meh. Though the concept is rather interesting so I won't be dropping it for now. Just know it should definitely have the yaoi tag with all the homo jokes being shoved down my throat. Its to the point I felt like the fic wasted 30 chapters just hammering in how every guy in the story is gay for our MC while he remains oblivious as the straight male. Overall the fic suffers from the s*upid s*xual jokes that flies over the MCs head.... more>> Also there has yet to be anything dealing with a cult which shows the lack of writing skills on the authors part. <<less
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New aevintyri rated it
May 7, 2024
Status: c90
I’m really impressed by how witty this novel is. MC is smart but also dumb and it creates a hilarious dynamic. It’s a little hard to believe that MC can be that clueless about romance, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

ML is well characterized as well. I love the way they’re always playing mind games with each other, and there’s intriguing attempts at deception on both sides
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Wintercreeper rated it
October 28, 2023
Status: c91
The rating on here is shockingly inflated and I can only assume it's because most people didn't read past the first few chapters, up to that point it's a rather good novel.

There's some humour, some interesting concepts, characterisation is fine.

But it gets progressively worse.

The first problem is, the description is utterly misleading, it suggests that MC will lead a cult, or at least serve some god – he does neither.
Everything takes place on the side of the good guys, there's no cult, no serving anyone.
If that's still to come, after over 90 chapters out of 140 something, then that's way too late to use it as the blurb representing the whole novel.

It's just your cliché "I'm not evil but special and everyone loves me" kind of novel.
Everyone does love MC, the first time they meet him.

The romance is... I don't even want to call it that.
MC isn't gay, he's not bi, he's straight. Completely straight and gets goosebumps just by thinking about a guy liking him romantically.
Not in the sense of "closeted gay" but "genuinely straight guy". He doesn't want ML, or any other guy.
I'm at chapter 91 and he doesn't even consider ML a friend, much less has any kind of slightly romantic feelings for him, it's going to end up as a straight guy being bend by plot-forces against all logic or good taste.

Overall, it gets increasingly more convoluted, with unannounced POV switches, no indicator about who's currently talking, time rewinding, etc.
And the story starts to crawl so slowly that the whole thing can't be wrapped up properly with just the remaining chapters, especially because the main plot point hasn't started yet.

Like many Korean novels, it seems to be something originally made for a webtoon, not a novel, as indicated by how often nothing is described, be it environments or even just who's speaking.
It's all happening in a void.

I can't recommend a pictureless webtoon with a bait description, despite the basic idea being quite good and with lots of (wasted) potential.

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IntrovertedElf rated it
November 20, 2023
Status: c100
I love it so far. The MC is an unreliable narrator. It's fun to read how he sees the situation around him vs how others see him. Update: 12/14 now at 100 chapters! Its fun to read but my braincells are fried from mtl in ridi. His abilities:


other blessings doesn't work on him

He charms other people by his words, which is not a trait bestowed to him but what he already has


One review mentioned it's misleading but the title did say NOT A CULT LEADER. If you think that takes away the excitement, nope not at all. At least thats the case for me.


MC is a serf. For those who doesn't know what a serf is, he is from the lowet class and works the land. His main challenge is to not be killed by the order (God Roklem's faction) + to not be found by an evil other god (Mother Aelusia)


MC's allegiance/patron god:


He is "blessed" by Haphenesus who is a mysterious god that appears to be at the lowest ranking with 1 number of followers (apostles). MC is his only apostle. So far though I think this god might be the most powerful since blessings of other gods does not work on MC but he is kind of shitty as well since he gave no other blessings to MC


Why MC will not be a cult leader:


I actually wont read this if he becomes a killing maniac as an apostle because thats what otherr apostles of other gods do. So when he joins the other side (the order's/good guys' side) its quite understandable so really I dont get the other review hehe but then again I am yet to read more so yeah peace


The translation is great! I always wait for it and also hoping to read from ridibooks. Anyone who wants to buy chapters together d.m. Me
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Can_man rated it
September 13, 2023
Status: c2
I'm really excited about this one, the game and how it's introduced made me wish it existed. Very well written, I hope the author writes a book about the " I turned a captured a heresy inquisitor and turned him into a Nekomimi paladin"

Anyways, I just really wanted to write because there's no reviews yet. This is my first time writing a review on this site☠️
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Vikiross rated it
October 25, 2023
Status: c146
I absolutely love this novel. The writing, the MC, the clues in the chapters you might have missed that connects back later, the horror, the comedy, etc. The unreliable narrator/limited perspective/dramatic irony is just a chef's kiss on top of that -literally one of my favorite tropes.

... more>>

Also (romance) ? (Yaoi) ? I'd personally replace that tag with comedy, especially for the beginning. Most of the romance is just suffering and the MC is practically gray-aroace. Imo it's shonen-ai and a fantasy with a male love interest.



Saw another person saying that the MC is straight and the novel is going to "bend" him, that the description is a bait, and that it's made for a webtoon.I heavily disagree.

  • 1. He doesn't show interest in girls, heck, he doesn't even notice the men AND woman that likes him. I personally see him as being closer to aroacespec, like demi or grey.

    2. The title here says that he's not a cult leader, but a serf

    (while the original Korean title says he becomes a god)

    so I don't see why that comment feels tricked by it.

    3. Even before, I thought that it'd be difficult to adapt such a dialogue heavy & descriptionless novel like this into a webtoon.

    One of the most fun part of the novel is using the limited knowledge and information that, when scrapped together chapter by chapter, paints a picture.

    For example,

    it doesn't say out right when the ML regresses, it gives readers clues to figure it out.

    and drawings simply can't capture the full mystery and intrigue of the Novel; it can't visualize the Lovecraftian unknowing without showing too much. Additionally, webtoons tend to get rid of unnecessary details in novels when adapted, which would suck for this 'cause some details you wouldn't think would be important turns out to be important and it'd also be boring to have chapters of inner monologues and conversations lol. But I can understand how it's a very hit or miss trope.
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AvariFey rated it
October 1, 2023
Status: c1
Read only the first 10 chapters so far but I think it really has potential. I like the MC we've been given; he's clever and he seems to be effortlessly persuasive in his speech but unaware of it. I'm hoping it will be a complex story with depth and good world-building. I will update this review with my thoughts when I've read further.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Continue12 rated it
September 23, 2023
Status: c7
I don't who those three people are who rated it as 1 star when there are only 7 chapters as of yet.

Right now it is really interesting and I am waiting for updates.

I really liked the beginning, MC is smart and cautious, he actually used logic to outsmart a God, I also like that these evil Gods are actually evil with inhuman mindset.

Give it a go.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 21, 2023
Status: c17
I absolutely love the premise and I'm currently camping for updates. This is a pretty fresh and cute isekai story about cults and religion. This is my first time writing a review so I'm just gonna keep it short. Update: It's not as fresh as I think it is but for BL, the plot is sooo good.
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naruthai123 rated it
February 18, 2024
Status: c56
This is a good one.

I quite like the world inside the novel. It's mixed between medieval and fantasy and Gods, like so many gods.

At chapter 56


MC is a clever guy but thinking too much.

ML... who?

The Other characters are nice but quite vicious.

Villain (s)... where?

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NabilaR rated it
April 28, 2024
Status: c93
On the plotline story it's great and unique cuz, this story is the only one among the story I has read that make the MC didn't realise that someone turn back time.

But I kinda want to rate it 3.5/5 because =

... more>>

I found the MC sometimes adorable yet now he is very annoying. I feel bad for athanas (the protag in heretic slayer) that he keep wasting his time and energy just to turn back time because MC is very very annoying little bis, MC are overly wary for f sake, I know he have his reason but, goddamn it's still s*upid to be that stubborn that makes it not even adorable anymore. To me he feel like a brat. If I was athanas, I would slap him for that 1 hour and then turn back the time, cuz there no way I wouldn't feeling frustrated. And don't make me mention MC's endless rambling thought that doesn't have meaning, making the story longer for what? That rambling doesn't have even the tiny bit importance to the story!!! I decide to skip those rambling at chapter 60-ish cuz it's getting unbearable. Like bro get to the action, please, stop overthinking or please stop rambling!

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Villainlove rated it
April 16, 2024
Status: chp 73
5 star 5 star 5 star

HOW DO I UPDATE MY RATINGS TO ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ STAR?? I MADE A MISTAKE (⁠ ⁠⚈̥̥̥̥̥́⁠⌢⁠⚈̥̥̥̥̥̀⁠)

Tis the novel for you if you love misunderstandings where:

MC: I have just taken a set of actions that will cause the other person to hate me ヽ⁠ (⁠ (⁠◎⁠д⁠◎⁠) ⁠) ⁠ゝ

Other person: falling madly in love with MC

It's a pretty plot focused story too so no quick romance

... more>>

(characters fall in love with our MC within one meaningful dialogue but he has no interest in romancing them)


There's definitely a 'innocent bean, must protect' vibe attached to the MC lol

But the lore is extensiveeeeee, the world building is out of hand with how detailed it gets and I definitely found myself OFTEN getting totally s**ked into it. (⁠☆⁠▽⁠☆⁠) Yet, if you're looking for quick smut, this ain't the story for you buddy.

The characters are fleshed out well 4/5

World building 6/5

MC 4/5

ML 4/5

Overall, totally recommend (⁠ ⁠´⁠◡⁠‿⁠ゝ⁠◡⁠`⁠) <<less
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vixcturi rated it
March 23, 2024
Status: --
One word. Boring. I tried and tried to read this but it progressively got worse as chapters went by.

The summary is blatantly misleading and is my number one complaint, if anything else.

  • Actually, what would of saved this novel, is if in fact, the MC was a cult leader or actually just a villain - and that this series leaned more into the fantasy and action aspects rather then the "talk you to death" approach.
The griping issue with this novel is that it's clearly meant to be plot driven.

... more>>
  • The issue with this approach, if not executed properly, is boring your reader to death.
Areas of issue I have with this novel could be summed up in the following:

  • Plot driven but boring. The world created is interesting, however the utilisation of it is wasted.
  • Fantasy aspects, (Gods, "Magic", Blessings), not used in interesting ways to draw in the reader or rarely used in an active fashion.
  • Endless rambling. Pointless dialogue that don't add anything to the story or characters.
  • POV changes. It can work well, but in this novel, no. I was not a fan of how this series switched POV's. To be quite frank, I couldn't care less about Nasir's POV on things. I simply didn't care or want to.
This series has potential but it's wasted. The world created really piques my interest but it's severely underutilized.

Rise of the Othergod Apostle: Not a Cult Leader, but a Serf?! Reads to me more as a story that lacks proper direction and focus. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 24, 2024
Status: c120
The story at first was very entertaining and humorous. The plot itself was splendid and exciting, however, as the story progress it becomes bland and boring. I was very excited when I read it up to 100 chapters but those excitement turns into disappointment.
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