Returning to the ’90s, She Became Rich Through Scientific Research


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[Time travel + Rebirth + Genius Female Lead + Scientific Research + Modern Knowledge + Slow and Late Romance]

Qin Hongfei woke up and returned to the year 1999 before she time-traveled to the future.

She had a bad life at the beginning. Her father was missing. Her mother went crazy and caused countless troubles. She inherited the family shop with a debt worth millions. Their grandparents didn’t love them. Her older sister dropped out of school early to join the entertainment industry to earn money. Everyone either blackmailed them or stepped on them.

It doesn’t matter, with more than 20 years of scientific research experience, she took over the repair shop at home.

Want to repair your electrical appliances?

Pay five hundred times, if it breaks, the compensation will be ten times.

After multiple successes in repairing, she accidentally became famous. Everyone knew that there was a repair shop on Qinhuai Street that could repair anything, and now, there were always people paying to jump in line.

At first, she became the owner of an electronic repair shop, and later on, she became a high-tech scientific researcher from Central City. She became a professor from a certain high-end college who couldn’t even be interviewed by newspapers.

Before meeting Qin Hongfei, Tang Jinnan’s teacher said that women were stumbling blocks on the road to growth. After meeting Qin Hongfei, Tang Jinnan discovered that his teacher had misled his students.

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