Reincarnated Undefeated Other World Sage – Banished Because “I’m Not a Brave Man,” but I’m the Strongest In the World!


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Yuki, who defeated the popular net game’s Last Boss with the broken character “Sage”, was forcibly reincarnated in a different world.

When he woke up, there were seven heroes and a king. Yuki was summoned as the eighth hero.


“Sage? I don’t know It. If you’re not a hero then get out of my sight!”

Yuki, who was unilaterally banished, was left to survive in a different world with no money.

“This is crazy! They really kicked me out!”

But the king and the seven heroes didn’t know.

That “Sage” is the strongest job in another world.

“! … we shouldn’t have banished him that time.” Even if they regretted it, it was already too late.

Associated Names
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Reincarnated world sage
Tensei Muhai no Isekai Kenja: Game no Job de Tanoshii Second Life
The undefeated reincarnated sage from another world
転生無敗の異世界賢者 〜ゲームのジョブで楽しいセカンドライフ〜
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nightstick24 rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: v1c28
I’m enjoying it! It’s a hero summoning where the MC is ridiculed as being weak and thrown out by a villainous King and the other villainous Summoned Heroes. It’s been done a lot, and this one doesn’t do anything particularly ground breaking or new, but if you enjoy those stories - like I do - this is a great one.

An important note is that unlike a ton of these type of stories it’s not an angst filled revenge story. The MC realizes the King and Heroes are clinically insane and... more>> gives up on them as human beings instead of bullying handicapped children.

The MC has a good personality, he’s not super arrogant like a Chinese MC looking down on all the pathetic mortals, but he’s not incredibly submissive either. He’s like an actual normal human being, not unimaginably rude but not a doormat.

MC is ridiculously OP from the start, so if you hate OP MCs it’s probably not for you.

It’s too early to comment much on plot or anything like that, it’s still very much in the introduction and foundation still.

Aleria, the FL is a fun character who I’ve enjoyed. She feels pretty dynamic, she’s cute but not just a pretty face who needs saving, and she’s also not like those crazy annoying harem members that’s all over the MC. Overall a very pleasant, positive addition to the story that helps move the story along and helps MC grow a lot.

Other supporting characters have very pleasantly surprised me so far, the King and other Heroes are mentally unstable, but other characters actually feel intelligent, unlike so many of these type of stories.

There’s only 28 chapters right now, so it’s early, but I’m enjoying the story and can’t wait for more. It’s probably not for everyone, but I’d give it a shot if you enjoy OP MCs and fun isekai novels with a cute FL that aren’t heavy and depressing. <<less
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DragonLordADN rated it
November 23, 2021
Status: v1c31
In simple words the story can be described as


If you can throw aside common sense, ignore the random flow of the story, ignore plot holes and blatantly random choices of the characters then you'll enjoy this.

There's no head or tail to the stories, just know MC has absurd skills (absurd as in... more>>

a barrier with a spoken password, skill to manipulate weather, complete set of maxed out rpg player abilities, a god's blessing skill that gets him invincible for some time, afcourse none of these skills have any cooldowns or limitations

). He's a good guy and lives doing as he wants (or exactly following the next story troupe author wants MC to forcefully execute) period.

Oh and better yet the story pulls out stuff from other popular jap novels and blatantly puts them in (ps if you don't know which then try finding out) :

  • playboy class at max rank can job change to sage
  • sage is a broken class in game
  • defeating the final boss of the game isekai's you to it
  • your summoned as an extra with a group of heroes so you're immediately thrown out
  • you save an escaped princess who immediately falls madly in love with you
  • they spread bad rumours on the MC throughout the kingdom (not exactly as bad as tate no yuusha tho)
  • a dragon that just escaped a 1000year ol' seal immediately willfully becomes your pet
  • save an s*ave elf who's a good archer and who's elf village is in trouble
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SproutlingUnderARoof rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: --
It's just boring wish-fulfillment unplotted isekai, just another one of the hundreds on this site. Every wish just comes then is forgotten, and at breakneck speeds at that. Gets power one chapter, then a girl, then revenge, then a dragon, then whatever next grand thing the author wants because there's no actual plot.
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flesh000 rated it
August 23, 2022
Status: --
This whole novel is just s*upid. The MC wonders why he has difficulties in a place where the king hates him, and instead of just -LEAVING- he decides to become an adventurer, for that very same kingdom. The king hates him so much because... uh... IDK the king is just a bad person? He activates new OP skills seemingly at random, for no real reason. Plus all his stats start out at S-SSS rank. Story would've been 10x better in every way if he only awakened that weather control skill,... more>> fled the kingdom, and joined up with a different kingdom in a mage type position. <<less
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia rated it
December 8, 2021
Status: c44
Story full of plot hole, every single chapter is full of plot hole & cliche I tell ya

How in the f*cking world someone who got transported labeled as criminal because he don't get "Hero" job?! Did we usually think that king is tr*sh when they kick their transporter on the first minute without reason?! (well, their reason is MC job is not Hero). They know MC didn't do anything at kingdom or king or anything and now the whole kingdom hate him, what a good revenge story... BUT IT IS... more>> NOT REVENGE STORY! MC is Beta male aged 30+ with mind like 12 y.o... as usual from jap MC here... HAAAAAHHHHHHHH~

What inconsistent character this MC is... NAIVE!!!

He said he must treasure his life on adventuring when before that chapter he already subdue legendary dragon who can take down 7 heroes!

He already know his strength, agility, magic is SSS and he's afraid of getting rid of small fry (even thought he then killed 1000 wolf monster) & don't know that it's out of the earth achievement! what with this lack of common sense. After that, he talk about how FMC naivety of low-esteem to subdue C-rank monster (goblin). Talk about your naivety...


The f*ck with his evil eye, he already said he can see any status even skill & strength, but now he said he don't know enemies hidden skill... TF is that?!


His denseness can twist even black hole I swear


"Such a transcendental girl can't like me!"

MC think as FMC already told him to marry her early on


One in a hundred plot hole/inconsistent for example


"The guild has always been fair and neutral"

Said the receptionist as they already gave only for MC a "special" procedure to pass as an adventure


Don't have any romance feelings, Harem flat out 2D personality <<less
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ojamayellow rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: --
What a s*upid story! How s*upid can you be to be an adventurer on a Kingdom that kicked out the MC! This is incredibly s*upid!

That wasnt even the last one. The skills whoo! There were no clear reason as to how and what requirements are needed to fulfill and get that kind of skill. Its like a random based style of getting skills. Even the world building was utterly s*upid.

A clear ripoff with so many flaws. Whoever wants to read this expecting an OP MC dont bother, you'd be incredibly... more>> pissed if you did read it. <<less
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ReanuKeeves rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: c3

Is this a carbon copy ripoff of Different World Reincarnation as a Sage ~With my Gaming Knowledge, I'll become the World's Strongest~?

Both novels feature player that played VMMORPG

... more>> Both novels the strongest and broken class was Sage.

Both novels MC is summoned in a new body in a new world.

I dunno how much of a rip off this is. I only glanced as the prologue. But even in the prologue it mentions Different World Reincarnation. I mean. Come on, how blatant can you be?

Yea, after reading the first few chapters I am going to pass. This is a wish fulfillment fantasy. MC is OP from start. While the other novel I mentioned had some balance issues as well, least MC isn't super OP from start like this. This one, MC is just godly broken. If that is your thing, read on I guess. <<less
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Slaider246 rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: c7

This series is... how do I put it... quick? The chapters are short but the story moves so swiftly that you would have trouble keeping up with the new developments. Just within the first 5 chapters had I stumbled over as many developments as I would have found in the first 10 chapters of a medium/long chaper story. The prolouge has been the most interesting thing so far, as it was a bit different from what you’d normaly find in a Isekai.

Aside from this, the story just... happens.

Spoiler warning (if you count the first 7 chapters)

He’s summoned, thrown out. Walks along the street and is immediately attacked after asking for directions. Beats the assailants effortlessly and saves a princess who is head over heels infatuated with him (obviously). Declines marriage offer and saves a building that’s on fire. He then recieves an old demon king sword as thanks...

i could probably go on about how little engaging the main character is, but I honestly think I have gone on too long.

to summarize: the story isn’t boring... but it aint fun.

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