Reincarnated Princess Wishes To Avoid Death


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“Why is this happening…?”

Mia Luna Tearmoon, Princess of the Tearmoon Empire, muttered to herself as she stood shackled on the execution platform.

The faces of the spectators surrounding her were, without exception, filled with indignation.

Before long, Mia was executed at the hands of the revolutionists, who were fed up with the heavy taxation.

But the next moment, she unexpectedly found herself lying on her bed.

It was eight years ago, when she was just a mere kid.

For a while, Mia even wondered if she was hallucinating. However, what appeared on her bedside table was a bloodstained diary that she had written herself.

That day, Mia’s screams could be heard echoing throughout the palace.

Mia was not a vicious person by nature. She was simply incapable of understanding the pain and hunger of others, and by the time she discovered it, it was already too late to do anything.

After she regressed back to her childhood, Mia struggled hard to trace back the events of the past with the help of her blood-stained diary and memories.

Was it to save the future of a declining empire?

Was it to save the soldiers who died in the civil war?

Was it to save the people from famine?

No, she had only one goal.

To avert her fate of facing the guillotine (execution)!

Associated Names
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Tearmoon Empire
Tearmoon Empire Story
Tearmoon Empire Story - The Reincarnation Reversal Story of the Princess, Starting from the Guillotine
Tearmoon Teikoku Monogatari: Dantoudai kara Hajimaru, Hime no Tensei Gyakuten Story
ティアムーン帝国物語 ~断頭台から始まる、姫の転生逆転ストーリー
堤亞穆帝國物語 ~從斷頭台開始,公主重生後的逆轉人生~
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losernoodle rated it
April 15, 2020
Status: v2 part13
This review is coming from someone who has read the LIGHT NOVEL licensed translations from J-Novel Club. Since this series is getting the webnovel translated as well, I decided to throw my two cents onto here since I see nobody else has yet. I don't plan on reading both versions of the story, so keep in mind that the light novel and webnovel may differ slightly. In this novel, the main character Mia has gone back in time in order to reverse her fate of dying from the guillotine. Mia... more>> is no genius or saint, but she is also not a villain whether it is in the past or present. If there is one sin of Mia's, it is her selfishness. Everything she does is for herself (avoiding her death), but along the way Mia also becomes a better person. The comedy from this novel comes from the misunderstandings that ensue. Mia's acts of selfishness are misunderstood by others as acts of genius or kindness. The art (from the light novel) is high quality as well and fits the tone of the novel. After reviewing the most recent translated webnovel chapter, I can tell you that the translations aren't perfect. Some of the sentences are confusing and the grammar is a bit off. It is however better than google translate as it is still somewhat understandable. If you have $7 to throw around, I recommend buying the first light novel volume since it comes with good art, high quality translations, and the story is a lot further along than its webnovel and manga counterparts. For those who cannot afford this, the webnovel translations or even the manga is a good alternative. <<less
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Promethean rated it
April 21, 2020
Status: v2 part4
All aboard the misunderstanding trains.

Hey, have you ever wondered what Overlord would be like if Ainz was instead not OP, not undead, and was a little girl instead?

This is what you get. Man oh man do you get a lot of "Sasuga... Ainz-sama" moments for Mia, the main character, and it's just as fun to read.

And guess what? There's character growth. No not the terrible ones where a Character suddenly changes simply by turning Japanese, nor does it feels forced, I mean, yeah she is forced, but that's because of... more>> the circumstances. She doesn't have a past life. In fact, this is a second play through.

This is especially good for those who love the combo of misunderstandings and gradual and believable character character growth, development and the like with a hint of grand plots. Why is it so good? Because even after going back, her core personality still remains the same. Yeah, no one changes immediately, it takes time, and this does it well. She slowly grows as a person, with each chapter making little small steps.

I recommend this 100%. <<less
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Deand_10 rated it
February 14, 2022
Status: v6

It is typical for me to finish a book that I just bought in the store itself, that is just how fast I read.

However, unlike the sad feeling that I have once I speedrun a book (As of currently, Vol 7 is expected to release on March 28, 2022 on Play Book), I instead have this feeling of gentle fulfilment.

It really saddened me that I have to pay a handful of money to continue reading this franchise (My country has a lower-valued currency, but in American dollar terms it is... more>> pretty cheap). However, do I regret it? Absolutely not!

Let me tell you, I can feel my eyes burn as they begged me to stop reading on my phone, but did I ignore the pleas of the hurt and continue my way to read it until 2 AM, you betcha~

It hooks, and it hooks me hard. There is just something about it that feels very memorable, and it is simplicity and originality. Not original as a whole in a sense, but original in worldbuilding and how the world flows. I could remember most of the characters names as they all served a purpose, not just some paper cut out that is tasked to glorify the MC. The characters all have their troubles, strengths, beliefs, trauma and concerns. Moreover, the author conveyed it in such a natural and non-burdening way. Sure, I got confused here and there, but between you and me, this is leaps and bound better than those heavy novels that have far too complicated situations that are further complexed by the writing.

I love heavy novels, mind you. However, there is just something done right about not overcomplicating things. The politics in this world all have their reason, and that reason just happens to be a simple yet jaw-dropping one. If anyone wanted to warm up themselves into the more serious and makes your brain spin kind of novels, I would probably recommend this book.

Why you may ask? This is because the MC is also s*upid when it comes to civil affairs, thus the situation will be explained in due time, either by other characters, the scene unfolding or by the narrator. Furthermore, the wittiness and pettiness from the MC manage to balance the dreadful tone that commonly accompanies 'dark brooding' scenes


I am personally an active anti-yandere/overly obsessed male lead and this one is strictly personal preference. Then let me tell you, never once have I ever gotten that feeling of the need to throw up regarding the love interest in the novel. I swear, romanticizing toxic relationships is the unfortunate norm of today. When I found that the ML was a human being with a desire to improve himself for the better of others, I was shookth.

Not to mention the friendship that was valued through the series, I couldn't say for the earlier chapters however as their friendship began to flourish midway through the novel. The diversity and issues that are closely related to the real world, the zero hesitance to acknowledge such biases and prejudice in the Kingdom, and even * (。•̀ᴗ-) ✧ wink wink*

Overall, this is a good read and thus in fear of spoiling it, I'm ending my review here.


Lol, you thought I was going to say more due to the elaboration I made huh?
Sucks for you cus that is the only thing I can elaborate on, for further info please read other reviews, for mine may be biased.

This is strictly my personal opinion, and if doesn't resonate with you then I am sorry. <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
July 5, 2022
Status: ln v8
Great reading.

As some may have already understood, this is one of those Misunderstanding trainwrecks that somehow work out. However, in that regard, this is one of the best there is. Specially when compared to Bakarina, who overused the same point so damn much that it got boring, and Overlord, where MC is mostly wimping so the vassals do most of the advancement without his knowledge.

But worst of all in these two examples is that there is basically no character development, simply put, they start in a state, and they remain... more>> like that, with only the other characters changing their behaviors to adapt to MC.

In here, Mia is the protagonist, and the damn train breaking all common sense, and sure, she has similar wimping behavior, but she learn great lessons, she is constantly learning (as much as she can pay attention to, and at least, that's not zero), and she actually pushes her sweets fueled brain to work to some extent, and avoid bad decisions, or at least, connecting dots. So as much as a whimper, she is also not unaware of the problems, and actively tries to fix them by herself, resulting in the butterfly effect that leaves other speechless.

If anything, you start wondering how the heck will she solve something, and what sort of logic will she reach to think that she can solve that, like her "experienced survival skills" (she hid in a forest for 1 night, got hungry, left the forest, got captured in a village), or her newfound "mushroom expertise" (considering her previous experience, she learned that mushrooms can be eaten, she studied how to eat them, this way, in case things go bad again, she won't be hungry [and with that, not captured]. Sure, there may be some poisonous ones, but a [self-proclaimed] master won't make such mistakes).

Yes, Mia is an egocentric lovable fool, unlike the coward ones, Mia believes seriously she can do things others would disagree, but she also knows of her own limitations, and is more than happy to shift blame onto others.

Yet, this is the hilarious story of how such creature became known as the Great Sage of the Empire.

It's hard to compare it with other stories, since I have not read any similar one, and that's how good it is.

The first arc seems to have been the base of the story, so kinda like how the first 2 volumes of Bakarina can be good, I worried that the remaining would end up being samey samey like that one. It's a good thing that, yes, it gets better.

This however is not a romance story, although there are 2 boys aiming for the princess, a competition per se doesn't exist, why? Because she knows the future, so she knows who she gets paired with. Of course, she does change the future quite a lot, however, do not expect reverse harem clichés here, as I said, this is not a romance story.

But although it plays around a bit in conveniences, I do like how politics are played and executed here, to a point that I'm surprised on how you can use the messages the author is clearly expressing to the current times, specially, city folk, like those who think that food comes not from farming, but from the supermarket (Yeah, there are people like that).

And since this is not isekai, there are almost no japanese culture stuff here, so it's easy to recommend even to readers not used to Japanese Novels.

There is quite a bit of food related stuff though, since Mia is a (self-proclaimed) Food Connoisseur [And the narration constantly mocks her for that], but although you can see relationships to real word food, they all get different words due to how the fruits and vegetables are named different. So it's a bit easier on those not interested in food-related stories. <<less
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Amithvishal rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: v2
To put it simply, the story is all about a selfish princess who was executed by guillotine aftr the revolutionary had successfully triumphed over the monarchy, and once again given a second chance to wrestle with her fate. The story well written from different perspectives. Its well though-out. Our MC Mia might have done something purely based on her instincts to save her neck, but every action will have consequences. At the end these consequences would turn out to be favorable for everyone. This gap is hilarious in a way.... more>> Just give it a try, and experience it yourself.

The novel is officially being trnaslated by J-novel club. You could also purchase it from amazon, kobo, nook, etc. If you don't feel like spending, *cough* you could also download EPUB from *cough* sites. For me the money I spent, I really enjoyed first 2 volumes. But I dont know how other volumes would trun out. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GrayMao rated it
February 12, 2023
Status: c313
This novel is recommended for those who are looking for these three things: (1) misunderstanding, (2) good plot, (3) comedy & slice of life. It has the perfect balance between those three.

Read the journey of Mia, the Great Wisdom of the Tearmoon Empire and her chronicles that is exaggerated by the fanatism of Mia's fans. The focus of the setting is St. Noel Academy. There are conspiracies, kingdoms, royal families, schemes, friendships and sweets (yeah, you read it right).

Those readers who seek higher value and expectations might end... more>> up labeling this as bland, boring and monotonous, but for ppl like me who seek refuge (jk), a break from my usual stuff, which is heavy action, towel levelling, isekai and a good amount of mystery: this works perfectly to pacify my drained brain caused cause by my own fault, reading MTL.

Everyone has their own taste in genres, so if this is one of yours, I'd recommend this to you buddy. バイバイ <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Arha rated it
February 2, 2022
Status: c75
One thing I enjoy about the story is that despite the narrator constantly mocking Mia, she doesn't seem to have ever been an actually bad person. She's a bit s*upid and cowardly, but she's also compassionate and entirely capable of recognizing her own faults and when she's in the wrong. She's even a genuinely hard worker and most of her issues with pride are about entirely petty and comical things rather than anything that truly matters.
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bronzer44333 rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: v4
I read the LN version. First thing here, FL in other words Princess Mia, return back from age 20 to age 10. There are no Japanese culture like, eat rice, create curry or inventing some kind techniques or technology. Not nothing like that at all.

It just about her trying to run from being killed/hurt by her people. Mind it, Mia only have one policy that is"Me First", her selfishness. And along the way the policy slowly to "to not disappointed her follower". In simple sentence, to be a better monarch.... more>> Tho the selfishness is still there.

For the future type that some of comment said. It actually not set to stone. Hell It just a variety/beach of the future that can happen if only she work towards it. As of vol 3 and 4. A new future different from vol 2 end had begin, as Mia will know what happen to empire in the future after the famine.

Trust me, read the story. The author give very good understand of what happen if you neglect toward your future. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
moonmystery rated it
October 2, 2022
Status: c218
Oh wow, this story is actually surprisingly great? I was honestly expecting a boring, predictable, and vaguely sexist story given my past experience with Japanese comics, but this story was funny, entertaining, and even heartfelt at times. 218 chapters later I'm still not tired yet of the running gag of Princess Mia being wayyyy overestimated.

I also like that there are so many female key players in this story. It's cool that 90% of the female (and male) characters in this story have a good heart. There are no stereotypical cat... more>> fights. None of the female characters so far are jealous conniving b*tches.

But above all, the plot devices are actually well done! This story was enjoyable. I recommend you read it and judge for yourself! <<less
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Sarael rated it
November 17, 2021
Status: v06
Tearmoon Empire is a medieval fantasy story focused on a certain princess who is trying to avoid a grisly fate while leading the continent to a brighter future (inadvertently, most of the time). The story leans more on comedy, but it has a dash of drama, politics and character development.
The worldbuilding is really well done and most of the characters are likeable. The hijinks and comedy in it is pretty good, especially when the narrator starts slinging on certain characters like Ludwig and Mia. Misunderstandings between characters can get... more>> pretty hilarious, but it usually ends up with desirable/positive outcomes.
If you enjoy a story with an MC that's not a complete goody-two-shoes and a bit on the lighter, non-edgy side, you'll probably like this one. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pixeldrum rated it
October 16, 2023
Status: v9
What I appreciate about Tearmoon Empire is that all of the other otome game reincarnation novels or even more broadly speaking, reincarnation of a princess that meets a bad end is that the main theme of the novel is not about romance. While there are definite romantic subthemes and subplots, with Mia, the main character, being lovestruck herself, it's more of a juvenile first love romance that fits her 12-year-old persona (yes, she's 12), the main story is still about comedic misunderstandings, good character development, and story.

Yes, despite going back... more>> in time, you're not going to be seeing an all-prophetic MC that you're too familiar with seeing in these types of novels. To put it lightly, Mia's airheaded, and to put it bluntly, she's kind of dumb. And that's the charm of the novel. You're not seeing a person who's all-knowing or smart, but that's the persona she tries to be, which is why it's a misunderstanding novel to begin with. Secondly, despite Mia knowing the events of what will happen in the future, it's very vague and it only tells of a bad result, never the solution or the reason why things came to be. So the reincarnation aspect only serves as a way to fuel comedic misunderstandings and vague problems that Mia, with her lacking faculties--that just perhaps has too much a focus on sweets--has to tackle.

You're also not going to see a story about a girl that knows everyone like they're NPCs. This is what ticks me off the most when reading an Otome game reincarnation novel. The female lead knows every person's personality inside and out because they played the game, and rarely is there any actual genuine interaction or character development as a result. The MC acts more like an OP fortune teller who resolves everyone's problems. Mia, on the other hand, solves everyone's problems mostly out of happenstance, good luck, and having good friends. It's rarely by her own effort she solves an issue, which is fun. She also doesn't know everyone's personalities. She, for the first time, also interacts with characters she never talked to before, or had a terrible impression--even vengeful fury--and you get to see them for what they are in an alternate timeline. Characters prop the entire story up with their misunderstandings about Mia, but they also add value to the story itself just by the story being so focused on world-building and character development.

The most prominent character of all, is, of course, our narrator, Mia. Seeing a girl who tries her best to solve things while not knowing how builds a lot of character. She loves sweets. She's awkward in love. She tries to be mature sometimes, but usually ends up rolling around in bed and overeats. She stresses herself out. Despite being in a setting of medieval ages, monarchies, and a caste system, Mia tries to be a better person than the nobility around her makes her be. If she was reincarnated from a place with modern morals to begin with, then it wouldn't be so surprising, but considering that she isn't, it's that more impactful. It's a breath of fresh air compared to calm and composed MCs who embroil themselves in drama, politics, or a reverse harem and believe they're unstoppable.

Last but not least, is to mention the believability of it all. While we're all painfully aware of the shounen trope of "I wish people would stop fighting, stop all the killing!!!" Mia puts that to actual reality through political maneuvering and smart choices (through her transmigration knowledge, of course). The framing of the story that the main villains are not the type that has an army that razes the ground, but one that takes advantage of people's hearts to sow discord and ruin make it all the more believable. It's a conflict that involves words, charisma, and policy rather than one about whoever has the strongest super-saiyan form. This is further enforced by how the story always emphasizes the fact that the timeline Mia is in is the perfect one. The story always inserts side stories in different timelines where people make the wrong decision or Mia makes a mistake in her choices. This not only showcases character development because it paints the same characters in a different timeline but also the tragedy that got prevented due to Mia's timely intervention. Occasionally, these side stories show up as realistic dreams that impact the current timeline's characters, which further fuel the impact of consequences that characters make.

Overall, a great novel series that takes an overused trope of reincarnating and preventing a death flag and makes it something much more than just that. Considering that the anime started airing recently, It's never been a better time to pick this series up. <<less
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PoDH rated it
March 24, 2023
Status: --
Reminder: I (mostly) read the LN version.

Honestly I think this is one of, if not the best "I go back in time to have a second chance" evil princess story. First of all, it has an actual story. Like the whole thing is not very simple "I'm evil, I do X, I died. So if I'm not evil and don't do X, I live". Because this allows you to have complex characters that doesn't just boil down to "evil vs good". Yes, Mia was an idiot. Yes, she was... more>> selfish, self-centered, arrogant, but she was never evil. You can see her actually improving as you went on. From the not-the-brightest princess who got lucky due to misunderstanding, to actually competent princess who escape death because she is competent. <<less
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Unfairness rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: --
I like romance novel, but I very rarely read it from female characters perspective (shoujo category).

But this one really able to make me put aside my personal preference.

Princess Mia isn't a Villainess or something like that. She is like a clueless and ignorant princess that doesn't understand the world. She was just dragged along with the imperial family to be executed.

... more>> Also the imperial family's fall is actually a scheme. In a sense they are actually a victim.

Princess Mia is s*upid, but cute. I guess I am enchanted by her cute s*upidity. I also can relate to some extent to Prince Abel. The world of ordinary people and genius lives are different, so I never really worked hard, I just do it moderately to be sufficient.

That Lucky Abel had princess Mia supporting him, I really wish I had someone to motivate me to work hard... gee how can I be jealous of a fictional character....


It's a great novel! <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bluedrop rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: c326
Might lower my rating in the future. Have to stop and take a break from it for a bit.

I enjoyed the indulgent storytelling and the plot revolving around Mia. Came here mostly because the Manga translations are taking hella long.

It's sometimes predictable but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. What's making me take a break is that I'm at a point in the story where I'm just kind of annoyed with some outcomes.

Innocent people have been literally mu*dered by extremists and their co-conspirators. And then we get hoopla about said... more>> co-conspirators getting redemption arcs because Oh Dear, they had no choice or some bullsh*T like that. And then I realized I was getting so worked up for no reason and even made a Disqus account just to express how angry I was in the comments to one of the chapters. Legit wishing death on some random ass fictional family we're supposed to eventually sympathize with hahaha

When, really, it's not that deep lol. So I just need a break because too much sugar can make you sick, or in my case, irrationally angry at something unimportant <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Raestloz rated it
August 19, 2022
Status: v2
Super hilarious

The core of misunderstanding stories isn't just the misunderstandings themselves, or the 4D chess delusional explanations afterwards, but the characters involved has to be engaging enough so that the reader can enjoy what's going on

The thing is, it's kind of easy to screw up misunderstandings. If the misunderstanding is too small, it becomes boring. If it's too grand it becomes unbelievable. Thus it requires a balance of "not too small to be worthless, but not too big to be s*upid". Another key thing is that the act itself has... more>> to be proportional to the result: a very simple chemical concoction curing cancer isn't actually fun to read.

Tearmoon Empire's series of misunderstandings are built on top of each other, each accident is a small patch of snow, but it's layered on top of a huge snowball built out of the many small patches of snows previously dumped into it

And it's a fun style of misunderstandings. Mia's movements are largely not accidental: she makes quite calculated moves, it's just that she only has a single grand goal and doesn't think too much about the details, thus the ramifications of her gestures can be misinterpreted. In other words: her 4D chess moves are misinterpreted as 5D chess moves, that's the sort of balanced thing that misunderstanding series has to have: the effort must match the result

Again, very fun to read. Very much recommended <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yamibae rated it
September 18, 2021
Status: v6
Absolutely one of the better stories I've read, Mia at first seems everything like the standard MC winning through what is basically plot armour but there is a certain method to the madness and she herself is interesting as a character. Further still, the author has incorporated the side characters into different timelines and histories to give depth to otherwise side-characters
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
just a weeby bookworm
Tearmoon is like a delicious hare stew, every ingredient is appetizing in its own right but the synergy between them is what elevates the meal, the same applies to this novel, I have seen every individual element of what it does before and I've seen stories that look similar to it on the surface, however the polished of its ingredient and the way it combines them is what sets tearmoon apart from its peers, in the following review I'll analyze each ingredient individually so I can explain why every factor... more>> works so well:

let's start by talking about a very underrated part of the series, the world-building, although easy to take it for granted, it really spices up the series and helps give the light novel its own unique identity, from simple things like citizens from Tearmon using moon way more own its popular idioms or the fact that the book is pretty grounded with no magic or superhuman moves (the closest thing there is to magic in Tearmoon is a made-up vegetable cake, a tasty fictitious spice and a special pretty wood that is rainbow colored), its setting resembles actual medieval Europe way more than the worlds of "swords and magic" commonly seen in light novels with medieval settings, having a more realistic setting not only differentiates the series but also fits this french revolution expired story way more, but still, even if Tearmoon is not a fantasy story its geography is still fictional and needs to be properly flashed out considering the book deals with it's politics quite often (even if it's for comedic effect), thankfully it also does that well, for example, there is a harmful structural stereotype in the kingdom against farmers, so they make sure to give a historic explanation for it and how it's harming the kingdom. yeah everything I said so far is pretty simple and not groundbreaking by any means but it still elevates the series even if just a bit, in conclusion, the world-building in Tearmoon is just good enough to serve as a backdrop for its political comedy and spicy up the series it gets a solid but not great 7/10

I am also happy to inform you that the presentation of this plate is also quite good, the art is adorable and super detailed, illustrations from the novel always impress me, they get an 9/10

the recipe of this stew is also interesting, although the plot isn't the main focus of tearmoon, it is still good, the arcs are very diverse, cycling between; adventure, school life, and regional politics depending on the arc, which not only helps to keep the jokes fresh (since tearmoon is primarily a comedy book and the main objective of the plot is to serve as a good backdrop for the hilarious jokes) but changing genres from time to time makes the relatively simple plot more engaging since one arc might be a more laid back school life while the other can very well be a shipwrecked adventure, overall the plot of tearmoon is a solid 7/10

when you take a sip of this stew you might think it tastes a bit funny, and you would be right because (contrary to this joke) TEARMOON IS HILARIOUS, ahem, bad jokes aside tearmoon's jokes are genuinely technically competent, with unique setups and unexpected punch lines, not only that but the sacartic narator of the series really sets the comedy apart from other books, even if he can be a little unreliable in the extent of how much he dowplays some charcters in order to make a sassy joke he is still riotous, "but what type of comedy is tearmoon" you might be asking, well, if you asked most tearmoon fans to define its comedy I bet most of them would say that it is a comedy focused on extreme misunderstanding (like gamers, Handa-kun, or school rumble) and honestly they would be totally right, however I would like to expend a bit more on that, tearmoon isn't just jokes about misunderstandings but also jokes focused on humorizing the banal, from just boring politics to familiar tropes in media, tearmoon cames up with extreme misunderstanding for everything it touches, that ability to humorizing the ban*l is present in many great works (from the Japanese kaguya-sama to the American Gumbal) and since tearmoon is a master at that, and never fails to make me die from laughter, I have no qualms about giving tearmoon's comedy a 10/10

err, let's talk about erm... the hares in this hare stew? (the metaphor really fell apart uh... well whatever) most characters start out pretty superficial, but they have incredible hilarious chemistry with each other so they are still likable from the start, and thankfully as the series goes own more and more characters get flashed out, except for Mia, Mia is great from the start and only gets better as the story goes on, she is the funniest character in the series so most jokes involve her in some way (which honestly isn't a bad thing) and she is a genuinely complex character that also gets a great character arc which gradually develops in a very natural way, she slowly improves as a person while still not completely getting rid of her flaws, she stays selfish, but her selfishness stop being harmful and just turns cute, describing it might come out weird but I guarantee you'll also be rooting for Mia and shouting "Sasuga Mia-sama" as you see the girl try her best, tl;dr she is a gremlin but she is OUR gremlin, Mia the protagonist gets a 10/10 but the characters in general get a 7/10

in conclusion, tearmoon is an amazing dish, I highly recommend both the manga and the novel, the novel gets an easy ten and the manga is on the same level, (but I would give the manga just a nine since it has yet to conclude adapting even the first volume and has only 14 chapters so far, it will eventually get a ten after it adapts more material) anyways, tearmon is my favorite book series, for the reason I already listed it gets a 10/10 <<less
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MushroomPrince rated it
May 19, 2023
Status: v9
  • Top notch comedy (yes yes YOU narrator, im looking at YOU)
  • Story carried by gigantic misunderstanding and bajillion amount of luck, which leads to funny moment while progressing the story in one fell swoop
  • Writing style - ONE OF A KIND, I dare you. I DOUBLE DARE YOU to find something written like this. It unique and soooo goood
  • Proper use of macguffin. Instead of be all, end all things it drives the story forward (sometimes backward ;)) and provides another interesting viewpoint which makes the worldbuilding even better
  • Imagine a light-hearted version of overlord, reincarnated as a little lady with all the misunderstanding and luck then inject a gigantic dose of comedy and sass
that's all I can say, need more info ? Just read the other 5* review I can assure you... more>> those were pretty darn accurate <<less
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Inurondo rated it
August 12, 2022
Status: c143.1
The main character has the ‘happy go lucky’ personality of I Don’t Like Pain, So I’ll Max Out Defense and the misunderstanding power Overlord. If that sounds nice, you’ll probably like this.

I’d give this one a 7/10 as of chapter 143.1.

The main character here is nice but not very smart. That said, her casual actions cause such amazing results everyone thinks she is a genius. Pretty much ‘innocent child stumbles into victory’. Not to say she’s actually lazy, but she’s easily distracted and even her accidents help her out.... more>> Picture a kid trying to run errands, getting distracted by the cat, and accidentally learning of a shortcut to the store as a result of following the cat.

The supporting cast are all highly competent people. They never stop working and are always supportive (in the current timeline). Some of the allied cast members,

the ones who primarily championed the execution mentioned in the synopsis

, are self righteous and frustrating for me though. I just always hate the kind that think their view is guaranteed to be right.

The plot didn’t feel like anything new, but it was decently done. <<less
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Has rated it
March 2, 2022
Status: c94
It's so fun <3 Mia is just trying very hard to survive and everyone is in awe of her big brain energy, 100/10 super recommend. Come take a look at the Mia the Wisdom Cult, where all followers are pros in gaslighting and deceiving themselves! Ok now in all seriousness tho, it's really good.
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