Reincarnated as the Promiscuous Protagonist in a Netori Game, Only to Find the Heroine, My Step-Sister, Already Threatened to Be a Submissive S*ave~ Liberating the S*ave and Planning to Leave Home, Yet Unexpectedly Becoming Loved by My Step-Sister~


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When I was reincarnated, I found myself in a role I despised, playing the promiscuous protagonist in a netori game. To make matters worse, the story was already in the middle, and my step-sister, the heroine, was being threatened and almost turned into a submissive s*ave.

This is absolutely wrong. I erased all the data that was being used to blackmail her and set the heroine free from s*avery.

I decided to leave home, but for some reason, the heroine stopped me and started showing affection towards me. Gradually, our love deepened.

When I go to school, I become the target of the disciplinary committee chairman. I’m also being seduced by b*tches and is forced into intimate situations…

I want to live a pure and righteous life, eradicating my promiscuous past!

It seems being the promiscuous protagonist is not going as smoothly as I thought.

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GodlyGodMcGodGod rated it
July 8, 2023
Status: c13
This guy reincarnates and has his memories fused with the playboy's, yet he still has the personality of a weak-ass beta virg*n that's never so much as held hands with a girl? I hate using the term "beta" to describe people because it's the kind of language those insecure "alpha male" douche bags use, but I can't think of another term that fits this guy better so "beta" it is. 'The Story of a Man Who Is Reincarnated as the Shittiest Guy in a Doujin, but the Heroine Keeps on... more>> Coming Close to Him' had the same exact premise but with SO much better writing and a much more realistic depiction of what it would look like for the memories of two completely different people to fuse like that. One's personality is formed largely by their experiences. While it's likely that the set of memories with the larger number of years would form the base of his personality, there's no way he would be recognizably the same person after downloading almost two decades worth of extra memories. The MC of that one post memory combination is also a really complex and interesting character, and even though it doesn't excuse him for being abusive, he had really good reasons for behaving the way he did. Oh, and the Heroine, the heroine... this is getting into spoiler territory, so:


So the heroine gets blackmailed into performing s*xual acts for the original owner of MC's body before this guy gets reincarnated. Sure. Fine. Except, from her perspective, the moment this guy who has been raping her for weeks, doing anything except v*ginal penetration because of some little sadistic bet he made with her to manipulate her, decides to just stop doing that out of nowhere and deletes all his blackmail material on her, she instantly trusts him more than I trust my own blood-related siblings that I grew up and have a good relationship with. And this isn't some stockholm syndrome situation where she has grown dependant on her abuser. She hated him pre-reincarnation memories with every fiber of her being, but then all of a sudden she's convinced he has changed into a fundamentally different person with no proof whatsoever other than that he deleted his blackmail material. After slapping him and taking a nap, all of the rape he's been doing (remember the r*pe?) is forgiven. Finally, she starts developing romantic feelings the moment her boyfriend breaks up with her... like, what? Just how easy is this chick? I get that she'd be mentally unstable after weeks of blackmail RAPE and then having her trust betrayed by the one guy she had depended on, and that she has a trauma about men that makes it difficult to approach or rely on any of them, but how are you gonna attach yourself to the guy who planted that trauma in the first place? Most likely scenario, she becomes as*xual or lesbian after all this. And speaking of the breakup! I get that the author had to get her away from her boyfriend so that she ends up with MC in the end, but that sh*t was flimsy AF. Dude decided to cut her off because she had limited contact with him for like 2 weeks (because she couldn't afford to deal with him from all the blackmail r*pe) and then he saw her walking with MC... that's it. She wasn't cuddling with MC, she wasn't gazing longingly into MC's eyes, she wasn't even holding his hand, dude just saw her walking next to another dude, decided she was cheating on him, then decided to take a picture of them just walking and use that as his "gotcha!" He then follows them like a stalker and sees them entering the same house (which would have been better proof of an affair, but he already had his rock solid picture of the girl existing in the vicinity of another man so no need to waste his phone's memory taking extra pics). Except, then she informs him that her mother remarried his father and he can hit up the teachers to confirm (which could also explain why she couldn't touch base with her boyfriend, what with being busy with moving and adjusting to the new environment) but his response is "I don't care, I demand you cut all contact with this person who, through unavoidable family circumstances, lives in the same house as you." Like... what? You know that's practically impossible, right? I think the situation was supposed to come off as an unavoidable misunderstanding due to a number of unfortunate coincidences and bad timing, but what it really looks like is the heroine dodging a bullet by ending her relationship early with an abusive, manipulative, paranoid boyfriend that wouldn't even let her talk to men other than himself and whenever he gets irrationally upset would attempt to gaslight her into thinking she was at fault... Oh my god, it all makes sense! A heroine that would immediately forgive her blackmailer/rapist after one single show of good behavior IS the sort of sucker dumbass naive person that would fall for a manipulative scumbag! Now if we can just figure out how to explain MC's virg*n behavior despite the body count he has in his memories, we'll be all good


In the end, the nicest thing I can say about this series is it'll use up a few minutes if you have too much time on your hands and you don't feel like using your brain, like, at all. If you're looking for something similar to this one but written much better, I've already plugged 'The Story of a Man Who Is Reincarnated as the Shittiest Guy in a Doujin, but the Heroine Keeps on Coming Close to Him', so check that out... side note: these japanese novel names need to chill the hell out. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 7, 2023
Status: c12
This novel pacing is really unrealistic I know that novel tends to show some unrealistic plot but this is beyond.... more>>

I was like what the... She changed like way to fast within a day which made me furious atleast try to add a reconciliation arc instead of saying bluntly like she saw innocence in MC eyes <<less
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aPizza rated it
August 11, 2023
Status: c24
I think it's not too bad. Rather, I'm very lenient when reading these type of novels.

One thing before reading this is that the step-sister is a crazy heroine type. Definitely not normal. Not too yandere, but crazy as you can tell by the title. Simply cuz she was sexually abused yet falls in love with MC (after he takes over the scum dude's body). Crazy to the point of

... more>>

masturbating next to MC as they sleep together on the same bed while calling out his name.


If you understand the absurdity of that, then you can understand how the rest will go.

An okay read if you like not normal heroines liking an ero scumbag who then becomes nice after MC takes over. <<less
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