Reincarnated as the Older Brother of a Romcom Protagonist ~For Some Reason, the Heroines Seem to Like Me More~


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On a certain day, our main character, Kanzaki Sora, regained the memories of his previous life and realized that he now lived in the world of a light novel.

And to top it all off, he’d been reincarnated as the older brother of a romcom protagonist.

As he didn’t wish to involve himself with the story too much and all he wanted was for his brother to be happy, Sora chose to just watch over him and his love conquests like a guardian, however, the heroines ended up showing no interest in his little brother, and instead, came on to him.

“Uh, why, though?”

Let the story of this older brother who’ll conquer the heroines’ hearts with his unmatched big-brother energy begin!

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11/30/23 Hatsuhi c3
10/27/23 Hatsuhi c2
10/20/23 Hatsuhi c1
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