Reincarnated as a Villainous Aristocrat – A Young Man Reincarnated as a Distinguished Bad Boy Defies His Destiny


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One day, a high school student, Minase Reito, who had been living in modern Japan, is suddenly reincarnated in another world as Lars Feldia, the son of a count.

In addition to the unfamiliar situation of being reincarnated, Reito is bothered by the fact that the boy to whom he is reincarnated is a bad boy, and is hated by everyone.

Nevertheless, as he lives his life as Lars, the number of people who are important to him increases, and he feels the need to develop into a fine person as Lars.

Even though he is hated and feels malice every day, Reito resists and lives against irrationality in his new world.

This is a otherworldly fantasy about a boy who is reincarnated as a hatred child.

*Although the title mentions “villain”, the world in the story is not the same as the world in the novel, manga or game.

We apologise for any title deception.

Also, the early part of the story is as the title and synopsis suggest, but from the middle of the story onwards, it will be a simple royal road otherworldly fantasy.

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12/31/23 kuro-kun c7
12/31/23 kuro-kun c6
12/31/23 kuro-kun c5
12/31/23 kuro-kun c4
12/31/23 kuro-kun c8
12/31/23 kuro-kun c7
12/31/23 kuro-kun c6
12/31/23 kuro-kun c5
12/31/23 kuro-kun c4
12/30/23 kuro-kun c109
12/29/23 kuro-kun c108
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12/29/23 kuro-kun c104
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Delash24 rated it
January 11, 2024
Status: c31
The MC is really annoying at the start of the story he spends roughly the first 30 chapters apologizing over and over and over again and speaking overly polite to every person he meets. I understand trying to make up for the wrongs of the original Lars because you are going to live his life but I feel like you should let your actions do the talking instead of apologizing for every little thing It honestly makes the story hard to read for me and the pace is super slow.... more>> I don't understand the reason why so many Japanese novels think its enjoyable to read multiple chapters of the MC day by day doing the exact same things with just some slight dialog changes it just feels like padding for more content to me. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
December 29, 2023
Status: c103
The storytelling is good, but the MC is an idiot. I don't know how to exactly explain it... but it feels as if this MC is the kind of person that will keep taking the 'small risk small return' choice even if there's a 'low risk high return' option, simply because he have aversion to getting big reward, or too afraid to take the big bet even when his life is at stake.

tl;dr a coward, who have been too accustomed to live in peace, then get thrown away into the... more>> dangerous world of monsters.

In a sense, his mentality is actually acceptable, considering it has only been few months since his transmigration....... but his ‘few months’ equals to ‘~100 chapters’ for me, the reader, so ofc I'm allowed to be pissed off, right... ? <<less
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Mac rated it
December 20, 2023
Status: c62

So the protagonist becomes Over Powered.

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