Reign of the Phoenix


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Murong Zhining led a life of running constantly in a plight before she settled down in the Zhuang family as their (supposed) daughter-in-law. Until, one day, the Zhuang Estate… collapsed.

Follow the girl as she unraveled the mystery of her identity through three seemingly unrelated objects leading to the treasure that entangled their fates.

Between a king and a general, who would be the one to yield to the phoenix and offer her the world with two hands? Who would be the one to win her heart?

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New Humbledaisy rated it
October 1, 2019
Status: c20
Poor good girl falls in with rich bad guys - this is the story we've all read before. Well, aside from few plot points you'll see coming, the story actually has a lot of slice-of-life moments hidden between 1) infatuated but powerless emperor, 2) r*pey general who is afraid his emperor won't stay buddies with him after stealing away and raping his concubine and 3) mystery "brother" who gave Our Heroine a mysterious jade pendant. My only hope so far is that #3 an actual third choice.

The translator is... more>> doing a fine job so I'm willing to wait out the plot a bit longer... <<less
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New Sae rated it
September 30, 2019
Status: c21
A surprisingly old type novel in this day and age, like completely ancient China, completely fragile female lead, and oops, completely ancient people with moral standards and ideals that can be considered disgusting/twisted for normal modern people. Example:

... more>>

The emperor like: omg I love her but you guys just have to take her away from me (while I watch it happen without doing sh*t) and r*pe her and torture her. why u do this to me???

Favored concubine like: omg if I knew like her so much I wouldn't have let my bro take her away from you. but it's all fate. look at me I love you but you don't love me, it's all fate!! move on for your kingdom.

Emperor: you're right you're so open-minded imma move on cos my kingdom needs me.

While in fact, it's exactly because of the emperor's love and the concubine's jealousy that cause the female lead's suffering. they are practically her executers but you know ancient powerful people, even at this point they still care more about their "sufferings."


The only commendable thing is MC (who is strong enough to survive through all that bs, cos many other normal ancient girls in her shoes would have killed themselves already). She's a authentic ancient girl but has a tough spirit. And also mc's friend Cai Sang. She's like the only one with a normal morality here...

From the sysnosis, we can deduce that one of the love interests is childish emperor who only knows to whine about his candies, while the other, the general, is a rapist (perhaps ancient people won't consider it a r*pe cos for someone of general status is more like "favoring a lowly maid" and she should feel honored *barf*).

From the tag in the raws this novel is typed "torturing deep love, " the type that the two leads would torture each other in both body and soul and grow to love each other deeply during the process...

So yeah, embrace yourself. Those who like this type may find it a decent novel (like DKC err, at least better than DKC imo due to the details of the ancient world, and less rubbish unnecessary babbling). Those who don't want to see the Stockholm thingie play out might wanna retreat.

but too early to conclude yet. I'm curious about the mc's result so I'll stick around. Hopefully it won't be as sicko as I've feared, and the two love interests aren't the only love interests : ((

Not my type, so it's a 3. <<less
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September 29, 2019
Status: c25
What charming and lovely male leads Murong Zhining can choose between according to the novel description.

The emperor: She disrespected me, she can rot in prison! Ah, she is dying? Well, I can't be seen as a cruel emperor, best I order someone to cure her. Then, one day, I happen to see her a bit longer than before and, surprise, she is so beautiful that my heart starts beating, I am falling in love. She doesn't seem happy to be ordered to stay by my side, but who cares? I... more>> am the emperor, I can do whatever I please, soon I'll make her become one of my concubine.

The general: My sister is an honored concubine of the emperor but lately she has been neglected due to the presence of that lowly servant. That wicked temptress! How dare she seduce the emperor!! I'll teach her a lesson she will never forget, I'll kidnap her and BRUTALLY r*pe her so she won't have any dignity left. I'll torture her, brand her like a cow, I want her humiliated. She also dares to become pregnant, I'll make her drink an abortion soup!

Oh my, I don't know you, but I can't decide which man I would pick, we have an arrogant, self-centered emperor or a disgusting rapist. I won't rate the novel for the moment hoping for a different scenario than the one in the description such as Murong Zhining manages to escape their clutches and start a new life as an independent woman without any loathsome man. Otherwise I'll rate it 1 star and drop the novel. The author is crazy if she thinks she can make us sympathize with that scumbag, he only deserves a good beating and possibly the same sufferings he inflicted on the poor Murong Zhining. I am without words, he is the villain of the story, how the heck can he be considered a love interest?? <<less
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zhanggf rated it
September 16, 2019
Status: c7
I really really enjoy reading this novel. The quality of translation is almost prefect and I would recommend this novel to all of you guys!
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