Regressor of the Fallen Family


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A life filled with regrets.

Once he realized his faults and decided to lead a new life, it was too late.

His family was already gone.

He had borne through each day with pure rage.

Finally at the end of his misery, his wish reached the heavens—an unforgiven one.

He goes against fate to raise his sword.

Associated Names
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A Flame Reborn
Returner of a Ruined Family
멸망한 가문의 회귀자
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jplauy rated it
January 22, 2024
Status: c37
Started reading the "manga" and seeking more chapter I come to find this translation work that is of very good quality.

The story is very interesting. On the start is very quickly and not much time or details are expended on his early grow (his first 6 months after regressing) but if you have read a lote of this kind o novels this is not necessary a bad thing because we get to the interesting parts more quickly and make this a easy read. Going to stay tuned on the story...
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February 24, 2024
Status: c87
Not bad. Came here after reading the manhwa. Basically smart MC prepares for war. Logan kinda reminds me of Cale Henituse, but might just be me. Story wise, I am enjoying it. Translation wise, it needs some work.

Idk how accurate the translation is, but it's mostly readable. There are some glaring problems that may annoy readers tho. I would highly recommend getting a proofreader/editor to the Translator.


  • Inconsistent names, sometimes even within the same sentence (Logan, Rogan, Padric, Patrick, Dwayne, Dwain etc)
  • Cut off chapters (I'm assuming. Sometimes it cut off mid-word)
  • Change of pov, sometimes. Generally in third person perspective but sometimes randomly changes to first person perspective.
  • One of the chapters I think is just a straight up summary
  • Confused pronouns? Sometimes can refer to a character when it should be referring to an other character in the scene (i.e. Using "her" when it should be "he")
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