Redo of the Hated Prince~By Intentionally Mastering the Hated Dark Magic, I Somehow Ended up Becoming the Strongest~


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A world where someone’s magic and affinities are determined by their Crest. In that world, everyone had high hopes for Alec, the 6th Prince of the Holy Luxia Empire, due to his large mana capacity.

However, after he receives the Dark Crest best suited for using Dark Magic at seven years old, their attitudes do a complete flip.
Users of Dark Magic all turn into demons sooner or later, so Alec having a Dark Crest best suited for using that comes to be called cursed and gets spurned by everyone.

Becoming closed off from people, he stays in the palace until he turns twenty, when a revolt sparks in the empire.
Left behind in the palace, he drinks poison before trying out his Dark Magic once, but….

Alec was able to use Dark Magic without turning into a demon.

As Alec’s consciousness gets swallowed by darkness, he regrets not being able to master Dark Magic, so he makes a wish────To redo everything.

This is a story of a man with a cursed Crest starting his life over again.

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Kiraware Ouji no Yarinaoshi~aete kirawareteiru yami mahou wo kiwametara, itsu no ma ni saikyou ni natteita~
Redo of the Hated Prince
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Kenkyo rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: v1c16
While cliches are still present such as "an evil crest" and "redo". It's a good light read that applies a new concept to dark magic. At the moment, everything that's happening can be predictable. A redeeming factor is the MC having a different personality than other brain-dead protagonists by having a distinct liking for money, a slightly different formula for sure. Will it be a good novel? Who knows. Only time will tell.
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Mastahlord rated it
May 18, 2022
Status: c5
the story is ordinary, the MC is also ordinary, the side character is braindead. There are a few disturbing things, first the reason why he's not possessed by a demon is "the demon is s*upid", wtf? I mean black magic users all become demons, none of the demons fail, and the demon MC feels more like an elementary school kid. Second, he said that making magic was difficult, but after a while he was able to use teleport and spatial storage even without any experiments and clear concepts. Third, why... more>> should black magic turn into space-related magic? <<less
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