Rebirth of the Noble Daughter


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Feng Jinyao never expected that, after a massive fire, she would be reborn ten years in the past. At that time, she was the cherished jewel of her family, with her parents in good health and her elder brother and sister-in-law living harmoniously. She hadn’t even been formally engaged to her seemingly charming but treacherous fiancé.

However, she was aware that the apparent tranquility around her was just an illusion. Storm clouds were gathering, and disaster was imminent. Her beloved parents would meet tragic ends, and her doting brothers would face misfortune. Even the influential Bai family, her maternal relatives, would not escape calamity.

Feng Jinyao swore to protect both the Feng and Bai families in this lifetime!

And so…

Her father, who was supposed to have met an untimely end, unexpectedly rose through the ranks and became a high-ranking official close to the emperor.

Her elder brother, destined for a tragic fate in the previous life, now achieved a high government position at a young age, earning the admiration of the people.

Her second brother, who was supposed to perish in sorrow, became a top scholar and entered the imperial cabinet.

Even the 17th Imperial Uncle, who had no connection with her in the previous life, unexpectedly approached her eagerly!

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Eeria rated it
March 9, 2024
Status: c425
It’s a 3.5

It’s a well constructed story but too focused on court politics. There is barely any romance. The novel is all about protecting the Feng and Bai family and bringing their enemies down, slightly different from the usual revenge plot which is focused on the FL ennemies. It makes the novel a bit dry? But if you love court politics you’ll probably enjoy this novel. I might complete reading at another time when I’ll be more in mood for that type of novel.
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ByleeM rated it
April 13, 2024
Status: --
So another rebirth-revenge plot (sigh).

Personally I love them, but I understand that they require a bit more thought and effort than modern stories especially if you are going to involve court politics. It needs to find the right balance of romance and schemes/conspiracies to make it good. And this story doesn't do good too good of a job of either. I'm happy to say it's not bad, the translation is ok but gets wonky more often that I'd like but you can power through it if you are bored. What... more>> I really could not stand is the MCs lack of presence.

This is the first time I've read a story where the protagonist is easily dwarfed by her side characters. I don't know if this is due to the author shifting perspectives too many times or bad translation but the moment the POV shifts? She disappears.

In good stories, even if we are in someone else's POV, we never forget that this is the protagonists story, she's always lingering in the periphery of the plot. Here, even when she's in the background, in the thick of things, when the camera focuses on someone else, MC might as well be dead. It'd be ok if the novel was aiming for that GOT everyone's a protagonist of their own story kinda theme but that's not what's been done here. We know the is a MC but she just happens to lack presence especially when there's someone else with a bolder personality than hers.

The ML is a letdown too. He's the stereotypical ML in every historical/Xianxia shoujo manhua. A powerful, aloof prince who takes one look at MC and says "interesting" and happens to suffer from cold poison or whatever version is in this story. He lacks fire and that "He just walked into a room and cancelled every other man there" thing and it feels forced when the author tries to make him so, like a kid wearing his dad's armour. <<less
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Anastrisha rated it
April 9, 2024
Status: c288 (DROPPED)
⚠️ WARNING: This story contains attempt r*pe, s*xual assault, miscarriage and other similar themes!!! Also huge age gap, with one of them still less than 18.

As a romance story, it's bad. But the story is interesting enough that I got invested at what will happen next.. Until 288, after that I just started skimming the chapters.

About the main character, Feng Jinyao.

... more>>

I didn't like that the author constantly refer to her as "very smart" as she isn't or else what happened in her first life wouldn't happen. It just that her capacity + knowing the future allowed her to plan ahead. This is further shown when she couldn't stop her cousin's reputation being ruined as she never knew about her personal life.

I also personally don't like her, she is pitiful but I didn't like that she was starting to become the same as her enemy- not caring if innocent life is affected so long as it reach her goal. Poor Yin Canwen, I initially shipped them until MC use him as a bait and didn't feel that much guilty.


As to her ML,


I personally didn't like him. First off I understand this is ancient times so I wasn't that surprise from learning that MC is around 15 years old. But an ML nearing 30 years old? Even in their standards that is considered 2 generation different- ML could literally be a father of someone close to MC's age if he had a harem. And somehow the people surrounding them just bat an eyelid on this fact. Had author focus on the fact MC's mental age is technically the same maybe I would close my eyes but nope.

Another thing I hate is how their romance work. MC literally just walk and ML started simping how "her eyes are not like her fellow generation" and yada. Instead of feeling sweet at their scenes, I just feel like reading a pe*vert man trying to lure a minor kid.


Now this is one of the rare novels where the supporting characters have more interesting part than the main characters. It's to the point that for me they are better flesh out. Particularly the antagonists.


1. MC's eldest brother. Initially introduced as a stern and smart man but fail to notice the disharmony in his harem THAT ONLY CONSISTS OF TWO MEMBERS??? Provided, he was ignorant as his father only had 1 wife and no concubines and doesn't seem to like gossiping, but common it's happening in your own house. He even hear reports of it but always favor the concubine. I wasn't that suprise to find out he had miserably ending knowing how naive he is. MC had to wipe his bu*t after rebirth. And I personally didn't like that MC had to tell a kid that his dad doesn't show affection to him and ignore his wife's plea because of "tough love". 🙄

2. Bai Siruo. MC's cousin. I have to constantly remind myself she's still a teenager technically or else I might just choke her. She's too gullible despite being part of a big family. And so I'm honestly not that surprised if she had a bad end. She's like those ML with their white moonlight initially with the entire "I may marry you but my heart belong to someone else". Thankfully she grew and understood her responsibility.

3. The Duke Family's granddaughter and her lover. She's one of the antagonist, who although doesn't actively target MC, is part of the Wei family that had a lot of hands destroying MC's family and friend with the dumb antagonist who constantly attack MC. Also, her lover is the ex-husband of MC's now close friend. I pity the two as at the end of the day there are also victims of being part of a political family, although they "won" in MC"s previous life, it wasn't what they wanted- it was what their family wanted. That's why although I pity MC's close friend, I didn't hate the man that much for divorcing her when he could. I even cheer for how they could finally marry each other, a pity that they ended miserably in this life despite all that.

4. The wen siblings. Also antagonist. They are cousins of MC's first life husband. Being poor, the sister wanted richness and stick to influential figure while ruining those she hates. But the moment she learned her brother's future prospect would be ruined if they continue to stay in the capital, she threw all that thought and suggest to run away together. 🥺 And I like how by the middle, after being oppressed, one became more obsess with power and the other hated it. By the end, they got mix into the power struggles.


I also love that the antagonists, being the type to cling on strong and bully the weak, easily target each other, not needing MC's to handle each of them and instead have each of them deal with each other. However I hate that this story is very family oriented. The entire "love your family even if they try to pull your down".


The funny thing is that the Bai family illegitimate son is a white wolf most likely because his parents upbringing is sh*t with him being an accident.


There were also parts that I think are unnecessary. Like why the need to introduce spiritual animals when they wouldn't contribute much to the plot. I think they could find other suitable ways to move the plot without needing animals that can understand human language and act like human.

Overall, interesting world building, but wouldn't recommend. <<less
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