Rebirth in 1979: Conquering the World


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“ Song Haowen!”

In a daze, Song Haowen felt someone shouting loudly in his ear, like an explosion, abruptly awakening him. As he looked up, to his surprise, he found himself into a high school student, sitting in a classroom during a Chinese class.

Song Haowen woke up and traveled back to 1979.

Having mastered both Eastern and Western Knowledge in his Previous Life, He was talented and knowledgeable but lived and ordinary life and passed away without any remarkable achievements. Reborn this time, his exuberant life is destined to stand at the pinnacle of the world!

Conquering the College Entrance Examination

Become a Superstar in Entertainment Industry

Master in Martial Arts

A City’s Pride

Master of Technology

Hegemon in Business World

Romantic Relationship

Witness How Song Haowen Conquer the WORLD!

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2 Reviews

Feb 21, 2024
Status: c53
Plot: 3/5

I like the story itself and the events that happen but cannot get over how unnecessarily op the protagonist is. The story tries to show how good his English is by passing CET-8 but then you realise CET-8 is basically Chinglish and doesn't show a good job of your English proficiency. As for scoring high on other subjects besides math. Could you imagine remembering your biology/chemistry/history/etc decades later? Brother you would forget them in 4 years let alone decades.

I also don't know why Chinese authors have an obsession with... more>> their protagonist being good at martial arts however I can give that a pass. But I got super triggered during the sports event chapters. MC says he could break the world records for high jump and sprinting but didn't want to because he didn't want to become a topic of discussion. The author is saying this while the MC does 0 training or exercise and just sits in his shop repairing electronics. This also implies he could've done it in his past life too because there were no changes physically so far in his return.

The MC's interaction with the other characters doesn't feel forced and the other characters are pretty likable so far. I feel the amount of money he is earning from his shop is unrealistic (if the author ever did the math you would realize how unrealistic it is) and the salary he is giving his employees is too high. He is giving them higher than a university professor's wage because??

The story is otherwise pretty good anytime this author isn't jacking off his MC.

Translation: 4.5/5

Translation has been pretty good with no noticeable grammar or spelling mistakes. Sentences flow smoothly. It would be a 5/5 if it had footnotes that explain some stuff not obvious to non-native Chinese speakers. I also understand that is a lot to ask for. <<less
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Feb 05, 2024
Status: --
The novel keeps getting better and better at the later chapters and Im glad our MC is not kinda of other MC who beat all of his opponent with easy.. here we see our MC straggle a while before taking revenge.. it feels good when MC gets his revenge.. not some other MC where they are very much UNTOACHABLE just because of PLOT-ARMOR....

Give it a try... im already in chapter 427 and its still good at it is...
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