Rasputin In the East


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[The 7th Korea Web Novel Contest Award Winner]

‘Power comes from the barrel of a gun.’

The chaotic Russian Empire after the Russo-Japanese War!

A turbulent era where losing power means death.

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동방의 라스푸틴
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1 Review

Nov 24, 2023
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Rant review, don't read unless you want negativity

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There's a lot more low tier historical novels coming out. Usually from Korea. This is no different. Basically they take a famous character, then proceed to not do anything special about them.

I mean what's the point of making a novel about Rasputin if there's literally no relation past page 3?

Time skips without taking about the details, importing random Koreans cause Russians can't be trusted... Nah, if you wanted a proper historical novel, go elsewhere. Otherwise this is just, I reincarnated into someone of political power in Russia, yay. I will now become king

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