Radiant Era


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The fate of civilization, destruction and rebirth, an endless cycle

In the abyss of sin, the world was destroyed, only embers remaining

Darkness descended, in endless ruins, one lone man stood

Eliminating the crime of blood, he tore that darkness, and light enveloped the earth

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Age of Dawn
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AeonicI rated it
December 21, 2016
Status: c22
The novel is like those of the western novels which is rich of descriptions that you can actually see instead of hear it. The translator helps greatly in this as the translated sentences flow.

Now to the story; Our MC is a good man, an honest man, a righteous man, an impartial man, a merciful man, a broad-minded man, a compassionate man, an upright and incomparably pure man, and a world-renowned flawless man.

To sum up, he alone encompass all human virtues!

Read and you'll understand.
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: Completed
It's a very interesting story and had great potential. About a MC that love money so much he want to have all the gold in the world. War with religious churches and other races. I did enjoy it, but there were a lot of things that annoyed me. A LOT! First thing is the MC personality. His money grubbing attitude and greed for coins is really well thought and hilarious, but sometimes I not sure why the author keep contradicting the MC. At times he mention MC would kill and... more>> do anything for money, then the next moment you see MC giving away coins like it's water. MC only say he is sad the money is used up, but for someone who's life creed is about money he sure isn't hurt too much to spent it all on enjoyment or try hard enough to preserve it. Acting like a rich person treating his friends while throwing money around like nothing. Using money to buy expensive weapons to smash his opponent. This is just not the attitude of a person that love coins. There a tons of these examples. Sometime author say 1 thing about the MC and then completely do another different thing, which I find hard to accept. Second thing is the ridiculous plotarmor and luck the MC has. Most of the tricks and schemes seems at first interesting and funny, but it is actual full of plot holes and coincidences. Timing is sometimes too perfect. Most of the villains just doesn't think 1 step ahead when they do things. The best plotarmour the MC had is that whenever he is in trouble some strong person behind the scene would come save him.. MC also has too much luck. (For example: he wanted to kill someone in a competition but is not allow. So he decide to do it anyway sneakily. And s*upid enough it never came to him the competition organize by the emperor might have surveillance. Then at the right moment when he try to kill that person some other villains turn up and destroyed the surveillance)

Third thing is the way MC keep trying to take credit for things. Things that would attract large attention and reveal many things of himself if others dig deeply enough. In situations where there is no way he could survive, he came up with excuse full of plotholes explaining how he barely manage to escape. What more crazy is most of the trouble is cause by himself because the things he has done. 1 time he revealed so much wealth that he has been hunted down for hundred chapters. Even after experience so much, he is still arrogant and make rash decisions. If he just stay low key he could have avoided so much trouble and might even killed all his enemies.

Fourth most annoying thing is about his comrades. His so called brothers in crimes. Author spend a ridiculous amount of effort for MC to take care of them and teach them stuff. It feel like they are the focus instead the MC. MC is basically their mother and spend more money and time on them than anything else. This whole relationship is almost on the borderline of gayness because MC has zero knowledge about woman or ever interact with the opposite s*x of his age. Apparently a 18old young master has no desire and is clueless about s*x education. The males has like 100times more screen time than the females (there are barely any females btw)

Lastly, in the beginning it seems at first MC would be a smart type of character that use his brain and tactics to earn money and defeat his enemy, but along the way he somehow turn into a muscle brain that always charge ahead like a bull with his brute strength. He is rash, hotblooded and violent. Him getting away with it with no consequences is kinda irritating. He always reveal his trump cards to others way to early and attracted more attention to himself. There is zero cautions and he always tell others everything because he think they are allies. What I hate the most is when he wanted revenge but also want his enemies to suffer. If he had just kill them fast and secretly instead trying to make them suffer, he could have spare himself so many death situations and prevent his own people suffering from that result. He even let his enemy go when they ended up in his hands, because apparently he has a great plan to make them suffer more (a plan which he though up in just a minute and put everything at risk just because he wanted them to suffer).A lot of bullsh*t also happen like how enemies let MC go because of silly reasons that make zero sense when the MC cause them so much destruction and losses. But MC and his friends has the almighty PLOTARMOR protecting them.

Most ret*rded things was when MC once ended up in a like supermax prison and he only like suffer 1 day of beating. Then someone save and healed him. From there he got many great opportunities and always have things his way. But somehow when he left that prison he keep mentioning how brutal and savage that place was and how he mature and grow to be a coldblooded and ruthless. Dude, he life like a king there and didn't suffer sh*t from that place. But he keep acting like that place actually manage to change him. He didn't starve, didn't get torture nor got betrayed and not even once did he suffer a fatal would that he might need days to rest. So why the hell does he keep saying nonsense?

These are the things that bothers me the most but overall I did enjoy the story in the beginning and it was a nice read to past the times. Not perfect but no too terrible. Ps:There is some hypocrisy in the whole story. Author sometimes like to justify the MC action but it just give you a feeling he is a hypocrite. He always blame others for his weakness and problems, while it is him who had cause it in the first place. I didn't like how author keep mentioning the difference the two humans continent and how MC should choose woman from the Eastern continent and not the Western continent, because his future children will be mix blood and would cause the downfall of the family. Apparently they would be bastard children and would plot to overthrow the main family, which is bullsh*t because that only happen if you manage your family wrong and discriminate against your own descendant.

Edit:i kinda lost interest along the way. Story is kinda boring with MC running around and author giving him full body plotarmor and many opportunities. Too much luck. The action and him escaping got very boring quickly. There is barely any romance in it. Forget harem, because it is just 2 girl he ever notice and liked (one he even though was a boy and always treated like his little brother anyway). One he met in the first half of the story and the other in the later half. They are more like side characters anyway.I don't know why author even put them together. There is no spark or any connection for their relationship except their family benefits. <<less
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Haevrus rated it
August 3, 2017
Status: c59
"I am a good man, an honest man, a righteous man, an impartial man, a merciful man, a broad-minded man, a compassionate man, an upright and incomparably pure man, a world-renowned flawless man.

To sum up, I alone encompass all human virtues!"

– Lin Qi's Autobiography

... more>> *cough *cough indeed.

Well. This sh*t is really unique in its own way. Oh my, I don't even know whether to love it or to hate it. Seriously, I am confused. On one side, you have a story devoid of any cliches, with a western feel, pretty good world building so far, and a unusual MC to say the least. While on the other hand, it moves in a snail pace, and therefore I also can't see any plot for now*for f*ck sake imma at ch59, and I don't know wtf is going on?

The MC is just moving around his city doing some deals, scheming etc etc, then returning back home

But do note, although I can't see any plot for now. It does not mean its non-existent.

At least, we have some foreshadowing to speculate something bad/good might happen to him. (*mostly bad though). Honestly, if the release rates increased. This could very well would have been a novel that I could look for everyday. But... for now I will keep in my back lawn. <<less
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bakanishi04 rated it
April 5, 2017
Status: c41
Even though I'm only on chapter 41, it's a good series so far. The setting's based on some sort of pseudo-European world, but it also mentions "the East" every now and then. For now, I'm mainly reading for the characters. Lin Qi and his family are one of the most interesting, despicable (in a lovable way of course), and fully fleshed out characters I've seen in a series for a long time now, and the translation's been bumped up to two chapters a week, so that's nice. TLDR: European setting,... more>> awesome/dishonorable protagonist, steady translation. <<less
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