Qing Kai


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She has a crush on a boy, thinking that he is cold and abstinent. She didn’t expect him to be a pe*vert who couldn’t have enough.

Jiang Ling made a wish. She hoped that Lin Qing Kai would see her. Later on, her wish came true. But here’s the thing, Lin Qing Kai always want to f*ck her every night.

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potatosince1992 rated it
July 10, 2021
Status: c23
I really like both leads! Surprisingly

The FL is someone who is self aware, she acknowledges that the relationship is more of on a physical side and manages her expectations and also leaves enough leeway for herself out. She knows he might not be the one and maybe in the future she'll find someone she likes, like she likes him. That's such a self aware character, knowing she's in highschool and all. And she's positive about what she wants for her body, applause!

The ML is also hot, why? Because he asks... more>> for CONSENT! Imagine a hormonal teenager asking for permission to bang you? A lot of president-cinderella novels can't relate.

Although this is a smut, there is a surprisingly refreshing vibe that I get from this novel. Ahh the beauty of youth and first love... and raging hormones lol <<less
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sushi roll
sushi roll rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: c36
I really like this one.

MC is introverted and shy but she not foolish. She is very self-aware even after she had a somewhat vague relationship with ML. She knows that what they have is a physical relationship (so far) and where she stands when ML didn't really define them. She was not assuming nor delusional. Whilst its arguable whether she was an easy girl (well tbh I always thought being "easy" is totally on the person's personal discretion), ML wasn't bad either cuz he actually asks for CONSENT first and... more>> has the respect to have their first experience in private (& on a proper bed at that). So far we are still in the dark on ML's thoughts about our MC, but seeing as he introduced her to his friends and is seemingly treating her a bit special (the gift), hopefully he also reciprocates her feelings eventually and won't turn out to be a f-ckboy assh*le. <<less
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SleepyGrey rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: c46
I really, really, really loved this novel. It was so fun to watch her self-awareness, and I wanted to see Qing Kai finally confess his feelings too. Sadly, this has been discontinued by the author. I'm not sure when or if they'll resume writing this. After all, the translator said that this story hasn't been updated since 2019. A big shame, but all we can do is wait for the author to officially announce their return.
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Ihartkimchi rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: c46
For a smut novel, this is incredibly wholesome.

We got an incredible MC who never assume anything from ML just cause they have pretty active s*x life. She likes ML but she also knows and accept that ML may not want something serious with her and just goes along with it because she enjoys a healthy s*x life with him. She's hopeful that maybe there will be something more in the future but also accepts if things may not turn out that way.

We have no POV from ML but I'd like... more>> to think he's developing something for MC since he does treat her pretty special.

Its currently on hiatus but I'd like to think they ended up together in the end. <<less
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Peachyxist rated it
October 2, 2021
Status: c36
This is so low key cute, great smut, small plot that evolves mostly them two, love the MC being self-aware on not being delusional and assuming things after getting into a physical relationship with Qing Kai. Qing kai aka ML whew that man is sexy and why you asked?? BECAUSE CONSENT IS KEY HE SAID AND PERIOD!! We love to see! I really can’t wait to read more into of their life and how their relationship will turns out, because they are so cute!
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Agaemmon rated it
November 3, 2021
Status: --
It's a beautiful piece of smut writing that captures the ambiguity and intense passion that only young love can have.
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callmefav rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: c26
i like it, the story is interesting, I like how the MC knows that the ML is rlly only with her for her body and she's fine with it, I like the smut there's no consent problems and it's pretty descriptive, I also like how their relationship is progressing I think the ML might actually end up liking the mc
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auroraRMC rated it
November 8, 2022
Status: Completed
CAUTION: THIS STORY IS NOT COMPLETED! Very important that you go in with this especially if you're after HEAs. Apparently the author just stopped updating the story but the translation has gotten to the last chapter the author released.

This is a wholesome but bittersweet story. The MC is very sweet and self-aware, not weak but also unable to help herself with her love. The ML is horni as f*ck but also always asks for consent and does wait to take her first time in a private and comfortable environment. He... more>> does a lot of little things that make it seem like they are actually together and dating, but he never says anything explicitly and always seems to lead her on. So the MC never actually knows what their relationship status is like. Plus the fact that they rarely talked and usually only met up to have s*x. Luckily though near the end of the story he brings her with him to hang out with his friends and meets up with her in public more, so I'm hopeful that they will end up happily. Don't treat my baby badly. <<less
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czeihne rated it
May 1, 2023
Status: --
Last chapter was written 2019 and hasnt updated since then.

This is a good one. The MC knows what she wants and vocal about it. She does not have delusions and know their relationship status. When things are getting better, the author went on hiatus...

I felt like the classmate lover and the neighbor brother would play a role in the upcoming chapters... Am really waiting for an update though it has been 4 yrs or so
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sitsit rated it
April 19, 2023
Status: Completed
I think the author was going for she fell first but he fell harder, because I reread this novel multiple times, I found a lot of clue that he is head over heals for her, he notice even small details of her, he is jealous of potential suitors, in a not so subtle way 😅, he cared for her and always re assures her, although he lacked communication skills and she is naive, also she might end up pregnant 'cause I did not notice any mention of contraception 🤔

I hope... more>> the author is ok and will somehow still comeback to writing. <<less
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Wobblyskeleton rated it
March 21, 2023
Status: c46
I'm sad this was dropped because this was a really sweet story. I like to think they got together till the end because you can see how Qing Kai truly loves MC by how he treats her and his actions. He just needs to express it. MC is also being more diligent in telling Qing Kai what she wants and likes. I do see the love rivals being a problem, but MC and ML see no one but each other. This is truly a comfort read.
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Foolish Mysteries
Foolish Mysteries rated it
March 12, 2023
Status: c3
I actually didn't expect it to be so good. The story feels sweet and ambiguous, at this moment, I really want to know what the ML is thinking. In my mind, I really hope that they got together in the end. The ending is basically up to us since it's not completed and I want to think they did end up having HE.

For the FL, she's a good girl and self aware as many commenters say. I like the fact that she said that if the ML is indifferent to... more>> her, she wouldn't pine on him. It really shows that while she likes him, she wasn't s*upid. At that time, I wanna cheer on her.

As for the ML, I really can't guess whether he really like her sincerely, but we can see that he treats her specially. He treats her very respectfully and takes her feelings in consideration. Another point is that he ask for consent. But in the end, I really can't guess him, he shows hints that he likes her and never looks at other girls when he's with the FL. Still, he's kind of ambiguous and I didn't know if he really likes the FL or just feels interested on her. <<less
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