Q. Maou-sama no Oshigoto wa? A. Mamono Nusume e no Tanetsuke Desu


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「Please marry me and become a Demon Lord」

Suddenly a young man was kidnapped by a big-breasted, black-haired beauty who called herself 「Demon Lord’s Woman」. He was given a job, that is to impregnate her succubi, fairy, and demi-human subordinates.

「Now would you impregnate me first?」

She asked so with a blushing face, there is no man that would say no……

With the ability of Absolute Impregnation and another hidden skill, the young man starts impregnating women in this fantasy world. It’s that kind of simple story.

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Q. & A.
Q.Maou-sama A.Monmusu.
Q.魔王様のお仕事は? A.魔物娘への種付けです
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12/15/16 Sandwich Kingdom c5
08/27/16 Sandwich Kingdom c4
07/04/16 Sandwich Kingdom c3
06/16/16 Sandwich Kingdom c2
05/16/16 Sandwich Kingdom c1
04/14/16 Sandwich Kingdom prologue
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TypeFantasyHeart rated it
April 15, 2016
Status: --
Its so silly that its a must read. Non-Human being are an extremely low fertility in this world and they are slowly dying out but all that changed when they found out a man that had the skill 100% impregnation. So they did what anyone would do. Slash the dimension between their home and his apartment and use the Magic Tool 『Paralyze・Hankerchief』!*COUGHT* Chloroform *COUGH* and then kidnapped by a big-breasted, black-haired beauty demon queen and his job is to have s*x with all non-humans to boost numbers and become THE... more>> demon lord XD...

NOTE: Fairies are legal lolis LOOOL <<less
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