Prosecutor Kim Seo-Jin


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When I opened my eyes, I became a different person.

The prosecutor Seo Jun-Kyung who was being investigated for s*xual assault against a working officer, was found dead and reincarnated into the body of Kim Seo-Jin who is also a prosecutor and working as a trainee.

Until a few weeks ago, he was not Kim Seo-jin but Seo Jun-kyung, a South Korean prosecutor.

A veteran prosecutor in his early 40s, not his late 20s, a bright kid who grew up as an orphan, graduated from Korea Communications University, and passed the bar exam and went through training centers. However, while fighting against those in power for justice, he was mu*dered in a disguised su*cide, and when he woke up, he found him in this body.

Moreover, his father Kim Jun-man’s younger brother is Chief Prosecuting Attorney Kim Young-jun. The evil spirit who drove Seo Jin to death and one of the dark sides of power in the Republic of Korea.

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검사 김서진
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