Princess Sets Poison Again


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She was originally the number one assassin, but at the same time, she was also a genius pharmacist. But why did she have two fiancées?

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Date Group Release
12/13/19 Babel Realm c46
12/12/19 Babel Realm c45
12/11/19 Babel Realm c44
12/10/19 Babel Realm c43
12/09/19 Babel Realm c42
12/06/19 Babel Realm c41
12/05/19 Babel Realm c40
12/04/19 Babel Realm c39
12/05/19 Babel Realm c38
12/04/19 Babel Realm c37
12/03/19 Babel Realm c36
12/02/19 Babel Realm c35
12/01/19 Babel Realm c34
11/30/19 Babel Realm c33
11/29/19 Babel Realm c32
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