Poison of the Heart


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Seven years ago, Hua Chong, a member of Special Force from the Luocheng City Bureau, was deployed to the Beixi border to support anti-terrorism. Two years later, the mission was accomplished, and Hua Chong was transferred back to Luocheng. However, instead of going back to the Special Force Detachment, he voluntarily transferred to the Criminal Investigation Detachment. Several years later, Hua Chong became the head of the Criminal Investigation Detachment’s Serious Crime Unit. Soon after, a young and talented elite from the Information Warfare Team of the Ministry of Public Security was suddenly transferred into the Serious Crime Unit. The seemingly ‘successful’ mission on the Beixi border five years ago had already changed the destinies of two individuals.

Protagonists: Hua Chong and Liu Zhiqin.

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Heart Poison
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Madness of the Heart (Shared Universe)
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