Playing Hard to Get


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A bad student threatens a good student and makes a deal.

Let’s take care of the kidneys first, whether their hearts will follow will be decided later!

CP: Bad Student Top × Good Student Bottom

Protagonist: Lu Yang, Guan Xin

***A short meaty story with a bit of plot, perfect for bedtime reading***

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02/21/24 Foxaholic 18 c12
02/15/24 Foxaholic 18 c11
02/06/24 Foxaholic 18 c10
02/05/24 Foxaholic 18 c9
01/23/24 Foxaholic 18 c8
01/23/24 Foxaholic 18 c7
01/12/24 Foxaholic 18 c6
01/03/24 Foxaholic 18 c5
12/25/23 Foxaholic 18 c4
12/25/23 Foxaholic 18 c3
12/07/23 Foxaholic 18 c2
11/29/23 Foxaholic 18 c1
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