Playing E-Sports with a Cat


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The E-Sports great god Chu Yuan, the wild canyon dad, blood comes in as his knife goes out. With only one flash of his hand can pinch a thief to death, people call him No Flash Chu.

His flash can only be used to kill people!!!

Then one day, when wild dad was live streaming, he used his flash skill as soon as it was ready, never hesitating!

Fans: ??? No Flash Chu has changed his personality?

Until Chu Yuan couldn’t stand it anymore and pinched the furry on the table: “Press my flash again and I’ll kill you!”

Meow-meow knows nothing, meow-meow only knows how to meow meow.

Thousands of fans saw the furry through the camera rushing at their cold, wild dad with quivering meows.

The wild dad covered his face with one hand and stroked the cat with the other, and his cold image collapsed instantly.

Later, a cute boy with dimples named Miao-Miao was brought into the LoL professional arena under the care of the wild dad Chu.

From then on, there was the middle-wild linkage, and the opponents were completely defeated.

It’s just that there was a rumor that wild dad has a weird habit. That is, every time he plays, he has to force the killing god in the middle lane to meow. If he doesn’t meow, he won’t be able to lift the knife.

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4 Reviews

Jan 06, 2024
Status: Completed
For an esport novel this first half was pretty good I am fine with not having too many game mechanics and things like that. But that is atleast you made an effort.

2nd half just was full blown Flash writing, you don't even have characters interactions, pages full of author talking to himself in fan mode acting as weibo peeps being hype about CP and team matches. You don't get any game characters names or battle situations. It's xxx beat xxx z beat y, opponents too scared so they lose?.

I like... more>> Both MC and ML even if ML turn into a cat fetish weirdo asking to touch ears, tails and make MC meow every other page. MC Is soft, cute, very smart, playful and he's not a pushover. He can tear you down with his words easily. He knows what he wants, I love him dearly. First one to be top at gamed and education king in the all epsorts ha. ML plays game and Ceo at the same time which is also rare bit I like it. Look it maybe unrealistic but that's what I am searching for! Why can't they do both in the same world, this should be the right thing not like other novels where they have to sacrifice one for the other. Just make them genius problem solved.

So overall I enjoyed the first half but find the 2nd half dragging. But I love the characters, too much weibo fans comments though, more characters talking next time thanks! <<less
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Apr 16, 2024
Status: c64
MC is too OP to be interesting, ML is too eager to touch ears, tail, waist and bu*t of an underage boy (in human form).

Those two things were enough for me to drop, regardless of any good points this novel might have.
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Mar 22, 2024
Status: Completed
The day I started reading this was two days before my midterms and I know that it will potentially prevent me from focusing on reviewing yet I kept going. (Even rn, the last day of my exam)

Anyways, I read it at first cause I'm bored and doesn't want to review yet. It was one of the story that I said I would save and kept the tab open for Idk how long now that I never thought I'd actually read at all cause most of the time I would... more>> just leave it open and never actually came back to read it at all. At first, I was just saving it cause I'm curious and having e-sports fever from watching C-drama about it but I did not read it then.

So, what really stands out to me the most is the part where ML's the only person knows that MC is a cat. Like most of the time, most MCs would hide it first and sometimes everyone knows except for ML. Idk, but it just shows how they trusts each other and depend on each other especially MC.

Also, I hope I'm not the only one curious what happened to MC's family. I mean, how did they react? Did they show remorse or sadness? Or did they care at all?

Next is ML's family, it's so satisfying how his father end up. I mean, that's what you get for cheating on your wife. ML's mother, on the other hand, though she's not a good mother, and also I know that the reason why she got to a point where she did not care for ML at all is the cheating of her husband, I like how she turned out when she goes to do her revenge after many years of depressing about it. I mean, it's just so satisfying how she protect her rights and won. Also, kudos to ML's grandfather being ready and quick to the decision he made. He's so amazing knowing that his son-in-law is a blood-sucking jerk and might take advantage of his daughter so he left all his inheritance to his grandson.

For the, cheating husband and his mistress, you get what you deserve. And also, it's quite lenient already that they weren't jailed and killed at all.

Next is when they got together, Idk for you but I felt like it's so sudden? How they got together right after (like literal hours after) becoming 18 or legal. Like isn't that weird? I mean, it's already weird for ML to catch feelings first even knowing that he's a cat and minor at that. Anyways, that works for them so might as well let it go.

So, next is them healing each other's inner child, at first I thought that maybe MC transmigrated because ML would be there to heal his inner child but after knowing some things in the Disney part I just😢, that's so sad knowing that ML could have a very happy childhood and family cause even before his birth many people are celebrating his time to this world yet it was all ruined because of his bastard of a father.

The e-sports tag was really prominent on this story. It was as it was all this about (which is actually shown in the title already😂😂) but I guess even though it's an eSports theme. It would never hide the fact that there were also some, I'm not sure with the term, but it's kind of like Mary-sue-ish? Like the environment wasn't as harsh as it really was in real world.

I mean, the part where fans were just being docile about not getting the team hyped is so unreal. Fans of eSports would always get out of their way to boast about their favorite team. Also, I hope it's not only me, but the way that the intensity of local eSports versus the world championship game is so vastly different. Maybe that's exaggerated but it was so overrated that the local eSports is much more intense that the fight for championship game.

It's like they're saying that China's eSports was that amazing. I mean, when it was between Dragon team and Team Y's game for the first place it was so intense that no one knows who'll win yet when it comes to HK for championship it was just like a child's play. Idk but maybe I just didn't like that even in this type of story, China's arrogance could be so apparent.

I can't remember the highlight scenes that I want to review about so yeah I might end this review already. But let me just talk about the scene that kept me going and at the same time distracted me from reviewing for my midterms. There's this part where MC will take the national examination for college entrance. Reading that part actually guilt-trip me, cause it's simply so encouraging how results of a test or anything that you want to achieve is about hard work and not just simply relaying on something. That you can achieve anything as long as you set your mind to it cause results is shown by how much work you put in not how you just simply want it.

Anyways, that's it. Might comeback later for additional reviews. I'll review for my last two exams now.

@9:13 AM <<less
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Jun 01, 2024
Status: --
I am disappointed. I don't even know where the author wants to take this story. Initially, I was interested because it had an intriguing premise, combining fantasy and e-Sports gaming.

However, I couldn't find the e-Sports gaming aspect. The story just revolves around the main character and becomes more unclear as I continue reading. The main character transforms into a cat and, despite being old enough to know basic things, the author portrays him as a foolish child who doesn't know fundamental concepts and It's unrealistic for someone so young (ML)... more>> to have such immense power, no matter how many championships they've won.

The author wants him (ML) to have everything but doesn't want to make him older to make the characterization more believable.

This story is weird and doesn't make sense. <<less
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