Overpowering my OP Wife in Bed


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Nagiri Kotaro is reborn into the world of Worthrune as Albert. And despite him being abandoned in front of a temple as orphan, his cheat power of being able to see other’s maximal potential and his otherworld knowledge help him to quickly advance in the kingdom of Alexa while being hailed as Crown Jewel of Wisdom.

That is until he discovers the fraud and corruption of the kingdom’s crown prince. Faced with the full rot festering in the kingdom, Albert quickly decides to opt for another possible route in life – one at the side of Mercenary Leader Malida.

Her superior military prowess as Oni coupled with Albert’s smarts leads to Malida finally tackling her lingering past, spelling the beginning of many intrigues, battles, and strategies.

Now, how does “overpowering in bed” comes into play here? Read it and find out yourself. Small warning: This series contains explicit nudity and depictions.

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Isekai Saikyō no Yome desu ga, Yoru no Tatakai wa Ore no Hō ga Tsuyoi Yō desu: Chiryaku o Ikashite Nariagaru Harem Senki
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12/07/23 Infinite Novel... v1c5 part9
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11/23/23 Infinite Novel... v1c5 part5
11/18/23 Infinite Novel... v1c5 part4
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11/09/23 Infinite Novel... v1c5 part1
11/04/23 Infinite Novel... v1c4 part3
11/02/23 Infinite Novel... v1c4 part2
10/28/23 Infinite Novel... v1c4 part1
10/26/23 Infinite Novel... v1c3 part5
10/24/23 Infinite Novel... v1c3 part4
10/21/23 Infinite Novel... v1c3 part3
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