Our House Pet


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Haein is fired from her work place because of bankruptcy and her boyfriend breaks up with her, having only been set on getting into her bed. As she makes her way home, drunk, she hears the sound of an animal in dark ally. She finds a box filled with abandoned animals: a bunny, a kitten, and a puppy. Saddened, she decides to take them home. As she is about to leave, she glimpses a figure of a man, fainted near the box. She takes him.

She bids him to shower, and finds him unknowing how to. Seeing blood seeping from his head, she panics. As she is about to take him to the hospital, he stops her. She has no but to tend to him at home. She finds a big amount of money in his pocket in cash and later discovers that he has lost all memories from head trauma.

As she names the puppy Yurong, the kitten, Ahrong, and the bunny, Herong. she sees this man was looking at her like he wants a name too, she bestows him the name Darong.
Shin Hwi is a killer. After his mission, he is hit on the head and collapses next to a box. He thinks to himself, wanting to let everything go like the rain fall. He gets found and picked up by Haein and receives the name Darong.

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우리집 펫
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04/14/16 Korean Novels c8 part2
12/25/15 Korean Novels c8 part1
11/18/15 Korean Novels c7 part2
11/11/15 Korean Novels c7 part1
11/06/15 Korean Novels c6 part2
10/29/15 Korean Novels c6 part1
10/21/15 Korean Novels c5 part3
10/13/15 Korean Novels c5 part2
09/16/15 Korean Novels c5 part1
09/04/15 Korean Novels c4
08/29/15 Korean Novels c3
08/06/15 Korean Novels c2 part2
08/04/15 Korean Novels c2 part1
07/30/15 Korean Novels c1
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shirsong rated it
June 11, 2016
Status: c8
Nice and funny reading. The only shame is thst there aren't enough chapters.
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lancetky rated it
October 13, 2015
Status: --
Hahaha dam chapter 5 part 1 just me lol so hard hahaha part 2 even more hilarious MC can only say 3 words and it's killing me haha
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Hitexh rated it
June 29, 2016
Status: c8
For now, Its a good slice of life.. The story wont progress untill Darong regain his memories. So im still looking forward for more chapters. The story havent describe the difficult part of living a pet. You need to teach, clean, bath, groom, especially taking care of their peep during midnight sleep. If you neglect any of this, the environment you are living will be full of desease.
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