Our Classmates Don’t Know We’re Having S*x In Your Room


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Tōyama, an unassuming high school boy who is introverted, is walking the streets at night in search of contraceptives while having s*x with his girlfriend, Takai Yumi.

He finally finds a cond*m vending machine.

Just when he thinks he finally found a cond*m, his classmate Marika Uehara, a beautiful girl in the upper caste of his class, sees him.

After that, he was a little annoyed that Uehara tried to involved with him in any way.

Uehara, who he hadn’t any contact with before even though they were in the same class, was starting to take an interest in Tōyama.

Associated Names
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Incha no Boku ni Sefure ga Iru Koto wo Kurasu no Kimi Tachi ha mada Shiranai
Saenai Boku ga Kimi no Heya de Shiteiru Koto wo Kurasumeito ha Dare mo Shiranai
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Kongisaurus rated it
March 11, 2022
Status: v1c46
A new novel that becomes viral on social media, this one follows the trend of having an eye-catching name. We get the same formula that most rom-com novels have adopted, Loner MC with one friend that is handsome and popular (In this case a trap character). The Popular girl that suddenly gets interested in the MC.

As the title suggests we start with 2 loners in class having a friend with benefits type relationship. This series explains relationships from the start so you get why the characters make contact with each... more>> other (No mystery). The entire story (For now) uses the relationship between the MC and FMC1 (FMC2 is the Popular girl, not the cover girl) to explain and create situations.

Personal Opinion: Takai Best Girl

PROS: Refreshing is the best way to describe this novel, Since s*x is part of the story it feels a lot more contemporary than most novels out there (In terms of content). As I mentioned, the author grabs the standard story we get from most rom-com without changing the approach but it never feels repetitive, especially in the character section. The author knows how to write them without the need to make them unfitting, however, the reader understands that they are just starting to develop, this creates a novel were the reader understands how the plot is developing easily and how the characters feel, the best part of the story IMO.

CONS: The major problem with the novel, for now, is the plot itself. Even though it is a satisfactory read the plot feels just off, it feels like the author wanted to make everything so impressive that it became too wild, this also gets in the way of the character section since we get 2 badly written characters. If the author manages to create situations without losing its focus this novel honestly could become a best-seller. (I am not certain but I believe we are getting changes to the plot with the book release so it may already be fixed)


    1. Plot: 7/10
    1. Characters: 8/10
    1. Potential: 9/10
    1. Ilustations: 10/10
If you are interested in a more mature and contemporary read this work, it does not disappoint.

If you want to read a heartwarming novel, also read it, it is more than just s*x.

Avoid this if you want a drama-free novel.

Avoid this if you feel horny, makes you feel hornier... <<less
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BigimeReadz rated it
July 31, 2022
Status: c28
I'll be honest, I struggled to read these first 28 chapters. The main reason is Uehara. She's so bland and overused. The only thing different about her is that she already liked the MC prior to their meeting. Other than that, there's nothing special. She drags the whole story down. Even the main character seems lame when coupled with her. Of course, the main character isn't that great either. He doesn't have the typical social anxiety that we see in quiet Japanese MCs and he's braver than you'd initially think,... more>> but he's boring. His daily life is go to school-->hang out and flirt Uehara-->get horni-->go to Takai's place. It's impressive that he doesn't feel the slightest bit guilty about leading Uehara on like that.

The only, and I mean, ONLY reason to keep reading this, is to find out more about Takai. She is far more entertaining and intriguing than every other character despite most of her appearances only lasting a couple of lines. The story could've gone without Uehara and functioned perfectly well. Uehara brought all that unnecessary drama and because of it, the MC is being treated like a hero which made this story 5x harder to read.

The story failed to catch my interest but I'll keep reading until I catch up. It's pretty f*cking boring up to the point where I am though.

3.1 stars <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DrJamesFox rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: c29
This would be a generic, phoned-in rom-com not worth reading, but the s*x friends aspect to a romantic triangle is just interesting enough to keep me reading for now. Future character development for Takai and what the fallout will be when Uehara learns about her physical relationship with the MC are by far the most interesting aspects of the story. I haven't found much else of interest here other than this.

The translation is a bit rough but readable. Regular grammar mistakes and strange word choices/turns of phrase indicates it's not... more>> edited by a native English speaker.

The author is clearly an Oregairu fan, as some characters/relationships range from homages to Oregairu characters (MC's sister is Komachi-like and Uehara is Yui-like) to downright copy-paste (MC's best friend is 100% Totsuka, including the same comedic musings from the MC about how he could fall in love with the kind bishounen). This story's author certainly lacks the writing chops of Watari Wataru, so any inspiration taken from Oregairu will likely make the story better. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 17, 2022
Status: v1c46
It's a nice story about high schoolers.

Personally best girl is not Marika Uehara but Takai Yuzu. They have a bond and it's more entertaining than the blonde girl.


handsome as*hole kura is dicklord and tries to force strip Takai. MC saves her but V1 ends with him a sad man and them having to save him cliffhanger.

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