Otherworldly Skeleton Evolution


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Jiang Cheng was reborn in a game world, transforming into a skeleton summoned by a beautiful female player using skeleton magic? Such a skeleton was even more insignificant than cannon fodder! Fortunately, he possessed the Divine Evolution System! From a mere skeleton to a Skeleton Dragon General, a Death Tyrant, and finally an Undead Overlord! From then on, the game world witnessed the rise of a god-level skeleton, leaving players and NPCs in tears and despair.

“Damn! Why can this skeleton’s weapon change at will, and its attack and defense capabilities surpass even mine, which is fully equipped with divine artifacts? Even the Lord of the Underworld is his underling?”

“Goddess, how did you go from a noob to a super god?”

Zhang Mengmeng was utterly bewildered, “I don’t know, I just summoned a skeleton…”

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I Was Summoned As A Skeleton By A Cute Girl
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1 Review

Jun 01, 2024
Status: c220
This is one of my favorite "VRMMORPG player is impossibly good at the game" novels.

The premise: MC was the best video game player ever. Somehow, he dies and reincarnates inside a new game, which is exactly the same as the game that he was the best at. Thus, he's impossibly good at it mechanically, and knows quite a lot about it.

Something to note: The MC is not a regressor, but he has encyclopedic knowledge of the game. This is because the game company first made a VRMMORPG, called Mythic, and... more>> then created a new game, called something else, which is exactly the same as Mythic. It's effectively just a complete server reset so that the MC and other veteran gamers have ridiculously in-depth knowledge of the game, despite said game only being out for a few hours. Thus, you'll read players complaining about how they're so far behind "despite playing for so long" and whatnot, despite the game literally having released three hours ago.

The fun bit: MC reincarnates as a tr*sh-tier mob summoned by a level one noob girl, and has the "kill things to get stronger via evolution, " the "devour your kills' stats/abilities, " AND the "raise the bosses you kill as your minions" golden fingers. The noob girl is impossibly beautiful, kind of dumb, but incredibly stubborn. The MC takes her under his wing.

What makes this different from every other novel in the same vein (Rebirth, Overgeared, etc.) : The MC is neither old nor particularly young, and is legitimately pretty friendly and kind, while being at the edge of "old (for a competitive gamer) man in retirement just enjoys watching the young'ns". He isn't particularly miserly (he's basically a saint compared to Weed), doesn't hold petty grudges, and cares about other people. At the chapter I'm up to, his goals are "figure out how to not be a skeleton, and preferably come back to life" and "keep raising my precious disciples."

The other characters are also much less pointlessly-hostile than in other Chinese VRMMORPG novels, while still not being weirdly pacifistic (I played Eve Online for years. Hostility is just business.).

The biggest suspensions of disbelief you'll have to make (other than "man reincarnates into a video game") : Everything about how the game, and all other games, work. The MC, while alive, came up with a bunch of Divine Abilities, and trained up a bunch of Divine Gods, and they're the Best And Most Popular, and Everyone In The World loves and idolizes them. Every ability is obviously game-specific (for instance: weapons only reflect light in particular ways because of how the game engine handles light sources and reflection, so the MC came up with ways to ab*se that and blind opponents, but it's only doable if you're A God Among Men.)

Also, canonically, over half of everyone alive (I think it's closer to 80-90% if the translation's numbers are correct, but can't be bothered to go back and find it) actively plays the video game (which has, as of chapter 220, been out for less than a week), and takes it far more seriously than a rural Alabama middle-school dropout takes college football.

Why I think you should read it: IF (and only if) you like the genre of "OP MC stomps everyone in an MMORPG, " this one is enjoyable because the MC feels like a chill, mature, friendly guy (in comparison to other novels in the genre), who is more focused on other people in a positive way. It is very low-stakes. There is mystery, but as of chapter 220, nobody is curious about any sort of mystery. The MC isn't worried about anything, really - he's just here to help A Silly Cutie be the best that she can be, because that's what he wants to do. He's not g*ooming her to be The Best for any sort of self-serving reason. He's not building her up because it benefits him. The MC is helping A Silly Cutie be great because he enjoys raising disciples, and because that's what she wants.

Also, I adore that the MC just rolls with Cutie - at one point, he tries to tell her something that is Very Serious to him, and is basically baring his heart. She's distracted and misses him talking. The MC doesn't get hurt about that, moves on, and then brings it back up again later, (dozens of chapters later, which makes sense as each chapter is a few minutes in-world), and Cutie takes it seriously. Even the antagonist characters (which aren't developed very much at all so far) feel like they're not suicidal about it. That gives the whole thing a feel like they're all just doing something that they want to be doing.

The translation is excellent.

The reason I'm rating this 4/5 is because the logic of the world is garbage. Translation is excellent, the characters are solid, the face-slapping is enjoyable, the growth is munchkinny. The plot is early-stages, the logic of the world constantly pulls me out of immersion. The way that almost EVERYONE IN THE WORLD (canonically - like seriously) idolizes like two dozen people (who all live near each other in the same country and play on the same server) who are good at one particular game (and those people are the MC and his disciples) is incredibly jarring. I'm just mentally translating all of the Divine Techniques and Great God this and Demon God that and "Spent MILLIONS OF YUAN hiring people to help level because he's the LEVELING GOD" to "middle schoolers verbally showing off to their friends, because my uncle works for Nintendo."

Seriously, you could just take all of the "MC is the best, these other guys that he's friends with are also the best, everyone's impossibly good, they're all ridiculously beautiful, everyone in the world loves them, and the whole world worships the MC's Divine Techniques" out, and it wouldn't change the story one bit, because the core of the story is "the MC and Cutie are being adorable, some people are jealous, there's faces to be slapped, and the MC's old friends miss him." And those are the story beats that I'm here for. <<less
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