No Need For An Umbrella In A Drizzle


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An actor who disappeared from the screen appeared next to our house?

Ki Seon-woo, the first and last actor he liked, moved into the house next door to Yunjo. He pretends not to know, so he secretly looks around, but this man… was weaker than he thought.

He keeps falling down. He keeps hovering around such a man, but somehow he keeps looking at him. He’s handsome, though he hides his face but he has good manners! How could he not look at him!

He was just confused as to whether it was because he liked actor Ki Seon-woo as a fan or not.
What if? Can a man like a man? Oh, but of course! He can like him! With that face, it’s possible!

From the moment he realizes his own feelings, Yunjo heads straight for Ki Seon-woo!

“I’m going to make hyung like me.”

The twenty-year-old chick’s quest to obtain the wounded Ki Seon-woo begins!

Will Yunjo be able to win Seon-woo’s heart?

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가랑비엔 우산이 필요 없다
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