My Unrequited Love Is Not You!


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Owner of the opulent great theatre, a man with whom anyone may fall in love at first sight.

The audience recognized the famous name when they saw Edgar Wharton, the blond, gorgeous man enter the theatre.

Even though he makes several females lose sleep over their affection for him, Natalie has a crush on a genuine gentleman rather than this showy socialite.

However, Edgar Wharton, famous for winning ladies’ hearts with his attractive grin, accidentally revealed her hidden, unrequited love.

“I’ll help you.”

The playboy of the social world and the bookworm of the baron’s family shared a common goal: to assist each other in finding love.

“Natalie, will you be my girlfriend? Leonard will fall in love with you, and we can break up.”

The curtain was raised on a play called ‘Contract Dating,’ in which the goal was to avoid falling for the other’s act of love.


“I’m not good at deceiving others.”

“Then try loving me.”

The dominant man’s smile was so appealing that it appeared seductive.

He asked her to cross the border, but he remained in place, commanding love but not loving.

Natalie vowed not to love him or allow herself to love him. But…

“Do you want to mess up my daily life?”

“Is it okay if I mess it up?”

Mr. Wharton smiled mischievously as he examined Natalie’s lips.

“How far will you allow me?”

Can they avoid falling in love by the end of the play?

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제 짝사랑은 당신이 아니에요!
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