My Scumbag Childhood Friend C**kolded My Girlfriend, but I Decided to Forgive Him Because His Doting Stepsister and Mother Would Make Amends


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One day, Sasamiya Takumi saw it. His beloved girlfriend was hugging his childhood friend in the house next door…the girl of his dreams, on whom he had had a crush for many years.

Despite the fact that his childhood friend knew this, he slept with Takumi’s girlfriend.

Of course, Takumi was furious and yelled at the house next door…but his childhood friend’s stepsister and mother heard what happened and apologized to him profusely. Moreover, they said they would make amends for his childhood friend’s foolishness, and they agreed to do whatever Takumi said.

So, Takumi gets his scumbag childhood friend’s mother, and his cute stepsister, whom he dotes on, and the two of them overcompensate him to heal his heart——


Sasamiya Takumi (mc)

Itsumi Hana (Takeshi’s step-mother)

Itsumi Ichika (Takeshi’s step-sister)

Itsumi Takeshi (NTR guy)

Enjo Kaori (Takumi’s girlfriend)

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Kuzu no Osananajimi ni Kanojo o Netoraretakedo, Aitsu no Dekiai Shiteiru Giri no Imōto to Hahaoya ga Tsugunattekurerunode Yurushiteyaru Koto ni Shita
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AlisonWonderland rated it
May 28, 2024
Status: c60
I was interested in this because of the 1 star and 5 star review disparity and I wanted to know if it was just getting hated on because it was about NTR. Unfortunately that's not the case and it has a lot of problems. The main character is passive, things just happen around him and he does nothing for 60 chapters so far.

The other big problem is that when he talks to his girlfriend and best friend all they do is insult him straight to his face. Like if you... more>> didn't know who they were in advance you would just think they are his bullies. The fact that he never noticed it before makes him look really s*upid. It would honestly make an interesting novel from the girlfriends perspective where there is this s*upid idiot that just gets insulted all the time keeps being a simp for years. I really can't blame her.

I think a novel that does this better is コイビト・スワップ (girlfriend swap). The cheater girlfriend in this actually likes the MC a lot and that makes things more dramatic, more believable, and makes things worse that she's a cheater. In this story there's no tension because the MC and former GF don't care about each other which is really weird as well. <<less
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Hokum_33 rated it
June 22, 2024
Status: v50
For anyone who is about to read this,

Do not be like this MC. He apparently never distinguish between kindness and cowardice. MC running away from his problems made me felt the he is as bad as the cheaters.

I also dislike the format where the span of two days in the novel can be spread into 25 chapters, and almost the majority of it doesn't even make the story progress. I expected to read garbage NTR novels but this one is pretty down there stinker in my opinion due to... more>> the multiple flaws in writing. <<less
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ernstt rated it
June 16, 2024
Status: v75
the writing is immature. The MC is weak and passive (if you think the MC of rent-a-girlfriend a wimp, which he is, this MC is on another level). The girlfriend and best friend are hella deranged for no reason. The sister character is a mess.

LN scenarios can go crazy sometimes but at least create characters that make sense.

the chapter often go: multiple small paragraph to lead the reader to what the character going to do or say -> the character do or say just that -> go back to explaining... more>> why the character do or say that.

probably the result of short chapter format but yeah, it feels like running in circle reading this shit. <<less
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